Why Kitchen Garden? How to start growing plants in it

Why Kitchen Garden?

Edible like vegetable, herbs and other grains are decreasing day by day. There is the problem of land cultivation due to urban and industrial life in this modern era. To control this situation, the solution is the concept of kitchen gardening introduce.

In many countries, the vegetables, herbs and fruits for household use grow in the front yard or back yard of the garden. This is a quick and cheap source of healthy and organic food. Many people grow plants in the garden as their hobby but some do for healthy dinner.

This is not an easy task. The kitchen garden also difficult to manage at home. But if you can manage it, it also provides you with huge profit. There are many production technologies used now. Like aquaponicshydroponics, but the most used are given below.

Instruction to start a kitchen garden

The following instruction should keep in mind before planting and managing the kitchen garden.

  1. Don’t mix different veggies seeds.
  2. Prepare the soil before sowing new seeds.
  3. 7 to 8 hours of direct sunlight is necessarily available to vegetable.
  4. Wine vegetable should be kept separately with some support like walls etc.

Choice of vegetables:

Select vegetable with a farming family and according to season. Because there is a different vegetable that grows in summer and winter. I have categories some vegetable as per season.

kitchen garden
kitchen garden
  • Winter season:

Pea, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, radish, salad leaves, turnip, carrot etc.

  • Summer season:

Bitter gourd, chilies, ladyfinger, eggplant, cucumber and tomato etc.

Land preparation for Kitchen Garden:

Land preparation is very important to achieve success in growing plants. The land area must have a good drainage system. Organic matter like animal ding and leaf litter, mixed 2 months before seed sowing in the land. Prepare your land by hoeing with manual tools and labour.
After that follow these steps to grow any kind of plant in your kitchen garden. Hydro HQ will take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety when visiting our store in Coburg North, and to make sure that deliveries are provided in a Covid safe way. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

  • Seed Sowing

The method of seed sowing differs from plant to plant. Use recommended distance between plants for healthy veggies growth.

  • Fertilization

In 272 sq. feet of land, use DAP (700 g), urea (250g) and potash (300 g).

  • Irrigation

According to the requirement of the crops, clean and fresh water used in irrigation after sowing of the seeds. The water should be below the furrows otherwise a layer of soil come over the see and its germination stops.

  • Weeding

Due to the kitchen area is always small, manual weed is required.

  • Insects and disease

For the protection of insect and disease, I recommend to used herbs in your kitchen garden. It severs as natural pest control herbs. Grow herbs like parsley, mint, dil, basil and sage in your garden that protect veggies and fruits from insects and pest.

  • Harvest and yield

You can harvest any time in any quantity from daily home cooking.

Above all the process and step to start a kitchen garden and grow your favorite crops here. And save your kitchen budget too!
There are many styles and layout used to grow plants, not just on land. You can also grow in pots, window buckets, hanging pots and spirals layouts. The kitchen garden is of two types, A kitchen you can grow some plants for kitchen use, and another one is The small garden in front of your house.

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