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Why it is essential to maintain weight as soon as you lose weight ?

The best nutritionist in Mumbai says pointing and getting more fit can be generally troublesome, however, what occurs after you are done with your program and diet? You currently have a greater assignment and challenge within reach; keeping up all that you have accomplished with your endeavors and truthfulness.

Weight loss is achieved through a lot of modalities, but what is more challenging is the long-term maintenance of the same. Interventions of obesity can result in quick weight loss and then followed by the weight plateau and finally progressive regain. As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai, maintaining a long-lasting weight loss is all about continuous clinical care and counseling of weight maintenance, to support positive weight regulation and sustainable behavior.

Nutritionist always quotes that it is always so easy to go back to our old habits and our ways of eating that results in gaining back all that we have lost. One thing that mostly works against us after losing weight is that the ones who decrease the number of calories they consume to lose weight also experience a drop in the rate the body burns calories. This factor makes it very difficult to lose weight and keep it off after a few months. The lower the rate of burning calories the higher it is easier to gain weight after we resume a normal diet. It is for this reason, low or extremely low calories diets are discouraged.


The importance of weight management after weight loss

Losing weight and keeping it off needs a lot of effort and commitment. Reaching weight loss goals and maintaining them for a long can be achieved by a combination of a change in regular dietary patterns, lifestyle modifications, eating habits, and regular physical exercises.

Let’s understand in details that why is it important to maintain the lost weight after losing it:

  1. Benefits to our health

We don’t have to lose a lot to enjoy the numerous health benefits of losing weight and maintaining it for long. Even a slight 5 to 10% is good enough to bring about considerable health benefits to us. Noted below are just a few of the health benefits that we can enjoy losing weight and maintaining it:

  • Narrowed risk of developing diabetes
  • Controlled blood pressure
  • Normal cholesterol levels
  • Decreased risks of heart diseases and certain types of deadly cancers
  • Low joint pains with higher mobility
  • Lower risks of developing heart diseases like attacks and strokes
  • Improved sleep quality
  • No back pains
  • Stronger and better bone structure

Losing weight and maintaining it also aids people with a lot of diseases to live a better and happier life with reduced medication and hassles.

  1. Benefits of our lifestyle

In addition to the health benefits that we all can enjoy by maintaining a healthy weight after losing it, it is on our daily lifestyles. As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai you can enjoy a host of notable improvement in certain areas of your like:

  • Improved social image
  • Better and active social life
  • Improved energy
  • Better sexual life
  • High on confidence
  • Stress-free living and no depression
  • Better mood
  • Improved body image with better vigor and vitality

These two major benefits are important enough to make us stick to healthy living ways and keep us motivated to stay away from regaining all that we have lost in terms of weight and burden. While some have had a better relationship status after losing weight, many have learned to stay happy and confident.


What is weight maintenance?

If you are an overweight person, even losing a moderate amount of weight from your actual weight cab bring about significant health benefits to you. But, to maintain these benefits and keep enjoying them for long, you must maintain what you have lost. The process could be challenging and a difficult one.

Many studies do confirm that most of the challenge and difficulty may arise from the natural process of our body o regain what we have lost but it is also a psychological fact like going back to the old unhealthy dietary habits, lifestyle choices, and sedentary lifestyle. As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai, human weight rarely remains stagnant and fluctuates because of many reasons like fluid retention during phases of menstruations and water fluctuations after certain activities. But, these factors help determine:

  • In setting up a limit that how much weight can go `up. If it is being 3 to 4%, it is acceptable.
  • In case the weight surpasses the above-mentioned limit, it is a sign that you have started gaining again what you have lost.
  • It helps to set the upper limit so that you never surpass it and stay within limits.


What are the measures that can be taken to maintain weight after losing?

Tip#1. Keep Exercising

As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai, this is something that should be at the top. It is critical to take part in a type of day by day practice for at any rate 30 minutes every day. The more you get out there and do it, the more you will appreciate it.

Tip#2. Replace Your Meal

Try and replace one high-calorie meal a day with something like an all-natural soy-based protein shake. This permits us to get all the sustenance we need day by day without eating however many calories as we did when we were overweight.

Tip#3. Maintain a Food Log

At the point when you record all that you put in, you can speak the truth about your weight. In the event that you look on your rundown and see too many lousy nourishments, you understand what you need to do to make that rundown more limited the following day so you can refocus.

Tip#4. Make Healthier Food Choices

Making healthy choices does not means that we have to sacrifice our favorite foods. It means avoiding high calorie, salty, and fatty foods like burgers, pizzas, and fries. Options of lean meats, fruits, and vegetables are always better. Instead of opting for fried, crispy, and smothered foods, go for baked, broiled, and braised foods.

Tip#5. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is critical as it helps hydrated, and a got dried out body can’t work as expected. Commonly individuals think they are starving when all they need is a perfect cool glass of water. Keep a container loaded with cold water with you consistently.

Weight loss and then maintaining it after is always a challenging process but also very important at the same time. As per the best nutritionist in Kolkata, maintaining after we have lost weight means we have made a considerable amount of lifestyle changes to prevent us from future health hazards. Any successful weight loss maintenance is a result of a healthy dietary habit along with regular physical activities. Regular monitoring of weight is a measure to ensure that we are always on track.


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