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Why Is It Important For Students to Have Friends in School

The main reason why students enjoy school is the many friends they make there. They enjoy discussing their lives both in and out of school and have fun eating lunch with them. At this age, the students’ main concern and ambition are to acquire academic success so the question, why is it important for students to have friends in school has an answer in itself. 

However, while it is important to have a social life, students need to maintain a balance with their studies. In fact, friends are much needed to overcome the stress and pressure of studies. Moreover, studying with friends makes the hard lessons easier to handle.

Apart from the academic benefits, it is encouraged that students try to make friends when they are in school. Here are the reasons why:

why is it important for students to have friends in school


Having the right set of friends

It’s not just important to have friends. It’s important to choose good friends because the company you keep determines who you are. Your friends can have a big impact on your personality, your decisions, and your habits.

For example, if you don’t feel like studying or taking part in after-school activities, it is your friends that will motivate you to prepare for the test or participate in extracurricular competitions like have low cost essay.  

Breeds healthy competition

In a class, there are students from all kinds of backgrounds and abilities. Every student wishes to succeed in their course and achieve high grades. Being friends with these students in class means that there will be healthy competition amongst them. Each one will strive to achieve greater marks but they will also be ready to help one another and learn.

You can be open with them

Your class fellows are more or less of your own age, so you share many common things. However close you may be to your parents or siblings, there are some jokes or things only a person your own age can understand because you can speak openly with your friends and discuss things that you would not be able to with your family.

Teaches you social skills

Students who don’t have friends are introverts. Being a lonesome person affects their personality. Later on in life, they find it difficult to interact with people and make associations. Making friends helps the shy student come out of their shell. With their friends’ support, they participate in class discussions and extracurricular activities that require them to speak up.  

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They can give you helpful advice and guidance

At times, you need a friend whom you can ask for advice or support. You want someone to listen to your problems and give you advice regarding what you should do. If you are having trouble with your schoolwork, your friend will be the first person you can get advice on regarding which assignment writing service to hire for their coursework. Now your queries regarding why is it important for students to have friends in school.


Studies show that humans need the company of each other. When it comes to students, they need to make friends of their own age. With parents, you feel a generation gap. With siblings, you have a different kind of relationship. But if you have friends, you interact with them in an entirely different way. Every student needs and desires to have friends. The friendship that they make doesn’t last just till school. It is a friendship that continues for many years, maybe even the rest of their life.

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