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Why is a coffee break important for both the students and the employees?

Why is a coffee break important for both the students and the employees?

Everybody from humans to machines and even mobile phones needs rest. We can take the example of mobile phones, what happens when their battery is drained off completely? They go out of functioning and operation. The user has to charge before he uses it. The same is the case with our body. Our body cannot work for longer hours without taking short breaks. This is the main reason that the nth degree cafe in Sydney experiences high traffic of customers who are either professionals or students. They stay there not because they want to drink coffee in Sydney but they want to take some time off to relax.


  • What is the importance of coffee break in the student’s life?

A student has to make his mind run throughout the day. As may the subjects, so much is the mental pressure.

The students who usually tops or ranks high in the examination realizes the value of the coffee breaks. They know if they keep on pressuring their minds without giving it time to relax, then they will not be able to remember what you have studied.

So the students need to take breaks after 30 or 40 minutes.

It is relevant to mention here that the break should not necessarily be the coffee break. It’s your wish whether you are feeling the internal urge of drinking the coffee or not.


  • How do the professionals recognize the value of the coffee breaks?

The value of the coffee brakes is not only recognized by the students but the professionals also. Whether you are working for an IT Company or you are working as a labourer, there will be a need to take short breaks to bring about the maximum output


  • What do the professionals make wrong about the breaks?

According to many professionals. They do not take breaks since it takes their time which they can utilize in doing some productive work. But they are highly mistaken if they are thinking this way.

Let me illustrate this with the help of an example:

The employee who is not taking any coffee break performs the same work within that period as required by the one who is taking the little breaks.

It means that the employee who is not taking any breaks is not doubted showing the output but with the delay. So which option will be better for you?


  • Do companies provide official breaks?

Yes, the companies who are concerned for employee welfare are offering official breaks to make sure that the employee is working happily. Because only a happy employee can prove to be the real asset of the company.


Bottom Line

Since we know about the importance of the break in the middle of the strenuous work we all do to earn our livelihood, we should never ignore this. Make this time the one in which you relax to get re-energized and your mind gets refreshed.

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