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Why do people pick paper bags over plastic ones?

There always has been a continuous debate on “paper vs. plastic bags,” and the same seems to continue for many more years to come. While some people say that plastics are degrading the environment, others feel that paper bags are one of the causes behind increasing deforestation. 

But the packaging industry needs any one of the two bags to pack their products and deliver them safely to their customers. 

When it comes to safeguarding the environment, paper bags seem to be a better option. They are biodegradable and can also be recycled and reused. On the contrary, plastic bags take thousands of years to decompose and, till then, keep lingering on the earth’s surface, becoming the cause of environmental pollution and death of millions of animals every year. 

These are the reasons why people are picking paper bags over plastic ones. This has inflated the demand for paper bags, directly impacting the sale of a paper bag making machine. 

Many paper bag machine manufacturers are experiencing a significant rise in sales as people are investing in a bag making business to meet the rising demand and earn greater profits.

A paper bag making machine helps manufacturers produce different types of paper bags within minutes. With suitable machines, you can take bulk orders and meet your clients’ demands to add a great bump in revenue. 


The popularity of paper bags


Paper bags are becoming increasingly popular despite the competition from plastic bags. Many factors contribute to the rising demand for paper bags and why people pick them over plastic ones. To provide you a clear picture of the scenario, here we are mentioning some of the reasons behind paper bags popularity:




Paper bags are 100% biodegradable. That means they will decompose completely in the soil owing to the action of bacteria. In contrast, plastic bags take thousands of years to decompose in the natural surroundings, thus polluting the environment. 


You can also reuse the paper bags multiple times and, once they are done serving your needs, can be recycled easily. Plus, they do not release toxic chemicals or poisonous gases while recycled. Picking paper over plastic will help save the environment from pollution. The same will help save millions of aquatic animals who lose their lives due to plastic consumption.


Paper bags are the new style statement


You can easily notice how big brands have made a shift towards paper bags. With the help of a paper bag machine, paper bags can be designed beautifully and even customized as per the brand. Thus, giving the impression of luxury and exclusivity and promoting the brand at the least cost possible.


By customizing these bags, brands enhance their appeal and attract more customers to their business doorstep. You can easily print on these bags and get them designed in different sizes and shapes. All these things make the bags look fashionable as compared to the flimsy plastic bags.


Easy to make


Making paper bags from scratch is easy. You can use old newspapers, gift wraps, used textbooks, and many other papers to create bags. Even if you are out of paper, buying a few will not cost you much. All it requires to create quality paper bags are a bunch of paper sheets, a pair of scissors, glue, and a little creativity. 


Strong and reliable


You must have noticed that both paper and plastic bags have the same basic design, but what makes paper bags a better choice is their sturdiness. The bags have a rectangular structure that makes them spacious and allows users to carry more items. Additionally, the bags allow users to put more stuff into them without being worried about the content being dropped.


They are made from double paper and can carry more weight than a thin plastic bag. You can use them multiple times without them being torn up after a single-use. 




You can get paper bags in a number of sizes, colors, designs, and shapes. The credit for the availability of the wide range of paper bags goes to a paper bag making machine. The machine has automatic features that allow the production of these bags in multiple types. You can even customize these bags as per your requirements and use them to promote your business. Along with being the best packaging option, the bags have evolved into a great marketing tool.


Summing up


The benefits of paper bags outweigh the benefits of plastic bags. They are eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable, fashionable, and offer a great way for brand promotion. In addition to this, they are better for the environment and do not question its sustainability. If you are on the fence regarding which bag to choose, going for paper bags can be your best decision. 


We hope that this post has helped you understand why people choose paper bags over plastic ones and help you make the right decision. 

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