Why Box Printing is An Important Marketing Asset?

Let’s admit it; we all are guilty of judging products by their covers. As normal as it sounds, box printing has shaped up the fortunes of many brands globally.

What ticks in printing on boxes? How can you know if you are doing the right thing? New sellers often are faced with such questions when they are looking to get the best packaging solution.

So, what is about the printing that is so relevant? Knowing this would aid sellers in establishing the ideal look for their boxes. unless you know how an asset is going to affect your brand, you won’t be able to use it to the fullest potential.

What does printing involve?

Many sellers think that printing includes only mentioning the brand logo and title on the boxes. well, it is partially true. The brand logo is a must for branding. But it also involves customizing the box construct too. Without knowing how your brand looks, buyers won’t be able to spot it among the many other choices available.

Modern printing houses have a systematic process of printing according to the custom specifications given to them by sellers. From a host of professional designers working to craft the ideal look to crafting and printing the boxes with the provided content, every step involves great attention to detail.  Modern technology has given a lot of custom options to make the boxes:

  • More durable and strong
  • Fit to all kinds of products
  • Shaped up using bio-degradable stock and varied dimensions
  • Create a robust brand recognition

It is hard to imagine any other marketing tool providing such diverse functions. Custom printing has evolved the way brands advertise themselves and reach their intended customer group.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted the designs that suit your brand image, the next step is to choose from a pallet of color combos. Colors have impactful effects on humans. Different color schemes are suitable for every type of product and customer base. Professional box manufacturers are here to sort out every customer requirement.

They help you identify your core customers and design elements that would be appropriate to attract their attention.

The draft is scrutinized by experts before the boxes go into printing. Often the sellers are provided with a sample of the final print so there is no room for error. So much supervision makes printing a piece of cake. The same would apply to expanding your brand awareness when buyers get curious about seeing it on the boxes.

Why is it such a big deal?

If you haven’t yet figured out the same from the above, the following facts would be an eye-opener.

Making a memorable first impression

The only way your brand is going to be noticed is through the packaging boxes. Box printing is primarily useful in making the boxes appear fit for use and premium to others. Bland and brown boxes are a thing of the past. Modern times and buyers call for creativity to dominate the packaging boxes.

Today, buyers add more value to the products when the boxes are good enough. Similarly, poorly boxed products do not get much customer attention. There is a reason why printing is becoming highly demanded. Packaging has evolved into a full-scale industry.

Many brands owe their success to innovative printing. It helps e-sellers to be known by their packaging too. One look must convert into a loyal fan base; this is the goal that pro designers aim to achieve.

box printing

Staying within limits

Getting printing doesn’t have to mean spending carelessly. It can easily be accounted for by experts. Custom printing allows for adding components that the business can afford. All these while adhering to the financial limits.

The usual choice that sellers have, comprise:

  • The materials used. Reusable stock paper is cheaper.
  • The inks used. Different inks have varied impacts on customers and cost differently too.
  • The use of various coatings, embossing, die-cutting, foil stamping, and custom designs.
  • Order quantities.

The last one enables to get specialized containers to be given as free samples or during brand launches, etc.

Projecting the brand as responsible

The many stock choices available are recyclable. This helps to lower carbon footprints and gives a favorable brand impression too. Brands often print these positive business aspects on the boxes to impress clients.

Also, shipping containers are printed with storage instructions and handling details. It helps to deliver products undeterred which gives the business a reliable vibe. Presenting the brand as responsible and sensitive to customer demand and expectations is definite to win over more customers.

Certain global businesses like The Body Shop constantly remind buyers of their sound attitude towards the society and environment. This helps to target youthful buyers who are conscious of their surroundings.

Using printing for the obvious

Apart from the many intricate uses of customized printing on the boxes, it also includes the usual ones. Such as:

  • Printing the name and product details.
  • Mentioning mandatory product info.
  • Printing barcodes to make the brand a retail favorite.
  • Mentioning marketing content.

In short, the boxes can be printed with whatever is desired by the sellers. Every consumer market has specific demands that can be met with custom box printing. It is a cost-effective way of telling buyers that your brand is here to stay and is the best option around.

The boxes do so while being displayed at retail racks and/or while being transported. Could anything beat such effective branding? We think not!

If you are wondering how to go about printing, all you have to do is get the required brand details ready and submit them to the printing house from the comfort of your space. The customers would get something that would persuade them to keep ordering from the brand.


You can get the most economical prices and the best-printed boxes from us. It is time you include everything nice about your brand and exclude wastages to improve profits!

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