Why are we using metal business cards for business and what are their benefits?

Metal Business Cards

There is a very limited variety of printing companies in the USA that specialize in alloy cards. You may often find better pricing and more accessible choices from metal card manufacturers in China. Also, many print brokers in the USA will promote metal business cards that are produced overseas.

The main points to consider when purchasing real metallic cards are the depth (.36mm is a frequent burden ), the materials, the price, and the ability to customize your cards. I recommend aluminum stainless steel over a less costly aluminum card. Rates are getting more competitive every year, particularly when buying from abroad or straight from a freelancer. Customized choices, including the ability to die-cut logos and frames, are a huge bonus. Most metal cards are already produced with”safe” curved corners and dull edges. Nobody wants their cards to be potentially harmful.

Benefits of Metal Business Cards

A business card is an essential belonging that highlights the company’s reputation and its other important information. It is very important to maintain contacts and to give clients a great first impression.


Well, for one, they are durable and last much longer. A metal business card isn’t going to get dog-eared in your wallet or get soggy in your coat pocket if you get caught in a rain shower.

In fact, they can withstand a lot of punishment that would frankly finish a paper business card.

Design Flexibility

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No, we’re not talking about the kind of flexibility you get from bending your plastic credit card – and we’re not talking pilates either. Although it won’t bend, a metal business cards is much more flexible than a paper business card because of the many different ways you can customize it.

It isn’t much you can really do with a one-size-fits-all white paper business card from Vistaprint, but at My Metal Business Card, you can really cut loose.

Different colors, cool etching, exquisite lettering, jaw-dropping images, you can even have different shapes cut into it. All this combines to provide an unforgettable calling card for you to distribute to would-be clients.

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There are a lot of alternatives available for creative and unique business cards. However, just because a trendy design exists doesn’t mean it is necessarily right for your business. Take metal business cards for example. Shiny, metallic and imposing, metal business cards are high-end cards that are more costly than standard paper stock cards or perhaps plastic cards, and if you intend on using a silver or gold plated business card be sure it matches your business. In the right industries, you may want to wait until you’ve achieved a vice-president name before searching to get a gold-plated card.

Innumerable types of Business Cards

A business card ( wood business cards ) is a very important feature that may promote your business right to your clients. Advertisers often swap cards forward their contact details and introduce their company. The professional presentation of this card plays an essential role in establishing the brand image of your business. Distinctive and high-quality card mirrors the picture of the company. It indirectly projects the nature, vision, and mission of a company. Therefore, professional presentation of the card manufacturers that your business positively among the potential customers.

Various qualities of cards are available to market an organization. A marketer should select the kind of card that best reflects his small business. A designer uses many types of printing materials to give them professional look. The basic ones include metal, magnetic, plastic, printed, and glistening. One could stick these on any metallic surface like cars, metal doors, or office cabinets, plus a whole lot more. These cards don’t get ruined and you can utilize them for successful marketing. Another type of skilled card is a metallic card that provides different designs for company marketing. They’re able to have smooth metallic corners and edges.

What About The Cost?

It’s true the metal business cards cost more than paper ones simply because the production process of how metal business cards are made is very much different to that of paper printing – but let’s go back to that idea of value.

When you consider the cost vs. value you receive, metal cards are actually cheaper than paper cards.

Our Collections

The advent of personal laser and inkjet printers made it possible for people to print business cards at home, using specially designed pre-cut stock. At first, these cards were noticeably lighter in weight, and the perforations could be felt along the edges, but improvements in the design of both printers and paper have made it possible to print cards with a professional look and feel.


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