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Why Are Bed Bugs in Toronto a Common Issue?

Bed bugs in Toronto never stop infesting our homes and hotels. Although we live in the modern age; still, modern science has failed to eradicate these bugs permanently. In the past, people controlled bedbug population to a greater extent. However, bedbugs with mutation learned the way to survive the man-made chemical, Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane (DDT). On the other hand, DDT aided people control bedbugs to sleep comfortably at night after World War II. Now, let us dive into history to understand how bedbugs have survived after their extermination in large numbers.

The Issue of Bed Bugs in History and DDT:-

Bed bugs have been a major problem for humankind throughout the ages. These insects loved feeding on human blood and attach to other mammals in a pinch. Once they get a full blood meal, they tend to survive more than a year between feedings. During World War II, massive scientific discoveries took place, as deadly poisons and some substantial gases were created. After the war, significant chemical inventions changed the world. One of the significant chemical invention at that time was DDT (a Nobel Prize Winner)

DDT is a colourless, inodorous, and savourless pesticide. Moreover, it had many uses and can combat malaria, typhus and remove crop pests. Bedbugs were a nuisance for us in the past, too, like today. Hence, DDT was utilized after World War for controlling bed bugs, and it practically wiped out bedbugs in masses. People could sleep tight at night without worrying about the bedbugs bites for some time.

Nevertheless, some bed bugs had a mutation to survive the DDT effect, and they passed this genetic ability to their offspring. Moreover, it was revealed that DDT was poisoning our Earth, so it was banned. It also aided the bed bugs to survive today. For the same reason, you will find bed bugs in Toronto as common pests and yet the most irritating insects.

Why Are Bed Bugs and Many Other Pests Resistant to Synthetic Chemicals?

Everyone in our home and business place wants to live a pest-free living. Therefore, chemical manufacturers are making synthetic pesticides to help people get rid of bed bugs or other pests permanently. Nonetheless, Pesticide Resistance is a scientific phenomenon making pests resistant to highly toxic, persistent, and deadly chemicals today. No matter how strong synthetic chemicals manufacturers produce, bed bugs will win over synthetic solutions. Hence, bedbugs will keep on coming unless people address the issue of bedbug control without utilizing common pesticides.

Why Are Bed Bugs an Issue in Toronto Today?

Bed bugs have become an issue for Toronto residents as synthetic poisons are of no help anymore. It does not matter how much strength commonly-used insecticides you have in Toronto; bedbug control seems impossible. Moreover, if humans get affected by toxins present in pesticides, they will catch serious problems. For example, Alzheimer, Autism, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and many other neuro-toxic diseases will spread fast if people use poisonous chemicals. Bed bugs are an issue because they are insusceptible to synthetic poisons, made to control them.

Why Should You Only Hire Professionals in Toronto for Bedbug Control?

You are not a pest control expert, so you can never utilize the bedbug control pesticides effectively. You might make the bedbug infestation in your home or hotel the worst taking the task of bedbug control yourself. On the other hand, professionals at bedbug control in Toronto know the safest and the most effective treatment methods. Hence, you can rely on them to eradicate bedbugs from your property safely and without any worries in Toronto.


Bed bugs in Toronto are common in homes and hotels today. Even modern science has failed to deal with them successfully. DDT was utilized to control bedbugs after World War II, and it was effective for some time. However, bedbugs learned how to resist this chemical afterward. Today, manufacturers have not yet stopped making more lethal, toxic and persistent chemicals for pest control. Still, bed bugs and many other pests are resistant to them owing to Pesticide Resistance. The issue of bed bugs seems hard to control today, similar to the past. Nonetheless, professional pest control experts are your best bargain against bed bugs to sleep tight at night in homes/hotels.

If you want to learn about controlling pests and dealing with them, you should feel free to contact Pesticon (https://www.pesticon.com/), a pest control company, an expert at pest control in Toronto, Kitchener, Guelph, and Cambridge.

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