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White Label PPC Services: A Detailed Guide

Outsourcing the work from third parties is not new in the industry and not limited to multinationals only but now even the small companies are opting to getting their work outsourced from other companies.

What are white label PPC services?

White label PPC services are the PPC services which a PPC agency, provides to the agency or company who has clients.. The white label PPC management agency works at back end and do the work for you. You will be interacting and responsible for your clients’ projects but the work will be done by the white label PPC agency for you under your name.

How does a white label PPC agency work?

The white label PPC management agency has PPC experts who are specialized in Google ads, Bing ads and social media ads like Facebook ads or Linkedin ads. You make the agency understand the clients’ assignments and the time frame to complete it and also the expected results. This way, you can focus on other things which are more important and also avoid the stress associated with running the assignments. The agency’s experts will deliver the high quality output at the lower cost. Lower cost doesn’t mean that there will be any compromise with the quality but because in Asian countries, the cost of working is less as compared to western countries. Whether it’s software or digital marketing, most of the outsourcing is done from India because of low cost and high quality work.

The factors you should consider while hiring a white label PPC services provider

Finding a premium and low cost ppc agency is not that easy as it seems. You must invest some time in exploring the options available. Some of the attributes you must take into account are:

  • Clients’ testimonials: You must check their past clients’ testimonials on Google, social media or other review sites.
  • Past PPC results: You can ask the agency to show their PPC results like ROAS, Conversion rate, Cost per conversion etc. Ask them to show the actual campaigns they are running or have in past.
  • Pricing: have a clear idea about their charges to run your clients’ PPC campaigns so that you can figure out your profit after getting the work outsourced to the service provide.
  • Delivery on time: you have look out if they are punctual in delivering the tasks on time. Check their current and past projects delivery time frame.
  • Attitude and behaviour: Meet the head or manager and observe their attitude and behaviour by decoding their verbal and non-verbal communication.

Resources you need if you don’t hire a white label PPC agency

If you like to do the clients’ assignments within your company then you have to collect the following resources at an extra cost:

  • PPC experts: You have to hire and train the PPC experts. Good PPC exerts are hard to find in the market.
  • Training arrangements: After hiring the executives, you have to manage for their training part.
  • Infrastructure: An extra infrastructure and premises is needed for the executives hired to work on the clients’ assignments.
  • Time & Money: you have to invest your time and money to hire the PPC executives. Also, whenever a trained executive leaves the company, it is hard to get new executives immediately and also it wastes the time and money on training the previous employee.
Benefits of white label PPC services for you

Outsourcing your clients’ PPC campaigns from a white label premium PPC agency will benefit you the following ways:

  • You and your executives will save your time by doing some more important work than to executing the clients’ campaigns while having the same or better output. You can concentrate on your brand promotion or other internal processes or making efforts on getting new clients than to taking stress of executing the PPC campaigns and scratching your head to get desired results.
  • You’ll have almost same or more earning if you outsource the work from a good PPC agency as you will save the executives’ salary and overhead costs.
  • If you are in western countries then getting the work outsourced from India will save a lot of cost. There is a cost saving of around 50-55% if the work is outsourced from India.
  • The cost will be less but not the quality. You’ll get the high quality work at low cost. The PPC experts have expertise in that specialized area i.e. PPC, so the results and ROI of clients’ campaigns will be better than the execution done by your hired team.
  • You’ll save time and money in hiring and training the extra staff to execute PPC campaigns.
  • You’ll save you from the pain of employee turnover. When an executive or manager leaves the job, the money spent on his hiring and training go wastes and also the stress of hiring a new one is so time-consuming.
Are your looking for an affordable and low cost white label PPC services?

If you’re looking for a low cost premium white label PPC agency to outsource your all PPC tasks then you may contact with this best white label PPC agency in India. Reasons for hiring this white label PPC company:

  • They have expert PPC experts who are well versed with PPC tools and tactics.
  • A free PPC audit of your clients’ PPC accounts will be done and later if you’re satisfied then only you can think to hire this agency.
  • Weekly reporting will be sent to you which you can directly send to your client. So, there will be no hassle on your side to create reports for clients.
  • 24×6 support is available for your queries about your clients’ accounts.
  • Guaranteed 2x ROAS of your clients’ PPC accounts within 90 days.
  • Works on low cost but that doesn’t mean the output will be low. They have high output even at low cost.

I hope this article has make it clear why you should outsource your clients’ PPC projects from a low cost and high output-delivered white label PPC services agency.

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