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Which Is Celeb Stylist’s Go-To Virgin Hair Brand?

Indique is a well-known international hair extension brand with retail locations throughout the United States and distributors in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America. They provide 100% virgin human hair that is fully natural and of the highest quality, thanks to a winning combination of hair specialists and stylists and over 30 years of authentic hair wigs business expertise. Their sole goal is to provide clients with continual access to a diverse choice of unique virgin hair products that are flexible and long-lasting while maintaining a texture.


wig with lace front
Lace front qigs

Indique had two Boutiques where customers could buy their patented hair wigs items in 2009: one in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood and another in Boston, MA. 

They achieved what no one else could: they made hair wigs a must-have fashion item. Indique has climbed to the top of the business via careful branding and smart marketing and is now regarded as the go-to company for the highest quality virgin human hair wigs & extensions. The one-of-a-kind counseling experience in their Boutiques adds to their luxury brand status. 

Virgin hair wigs Of The Highest Quality From India & Southeast Asia

hair bundle
Hair bundle

Indique has an in-depth knowledge of the human hair industry. While many other hair companies just supply a private branded product that anybody may sell, they own and operate their own worldwide enterprises as well as local operations to keep total control over the process from start to finish. 

Virgin human hair is obtained from Indian temples and private suppliers in Southeast Asia, then meticulously checked, cleaned, and transformed into our unique product categories. After the hair has traveled the long distance to our US manufacturing and delivery facilities, the quality assurance process continues with rigorous washing and scrutiny to identify any defects. 


Indique’s Remy hair wigs are exceptional because the virgin human hair used has just one orientation of cuticle layers from root to tip. This guarantees that the hair behaves just like your own hair, with natural waves, fullness, luster, and outstanding usability. 

Their hair is light and supple, allowing it to move and flow naturally. Virgin human hair, which is chemical-free, will lengthen, color, and texture your natural hair, giving you a flawless and polished weave or curly hair extension look. It is reusable for up to a year and coloured, permed, curled, ironed flat, and cleaned. 

They all of the features of real human hair, so you won’t appear fake when you wear one of their hair wigs for any occasion or event.

Industry-Exclusive Collections: ONLY ON INDIQUE

Indique created the industry standard with its six premium hair wigs product categories. Indique embraces everyone! Their unique collections of hair wigs and hair products are created for people of various ages, races, and hair types.


curly wigs
Curly wigs

Indique is dedicated to supplying you with high-quality, 100 percent virgin human hair wigs & extensions to their customers all over the world. 

We would always recommend you to read the installation and hair care tips below before selecting your Collection and texture for precise directions, advice, and upkeep of your hair wigs.

  • PRE-INSTALLATION: To be honest, the hair wigs should be rinsed with warm water. Maintain the plastic security band wrapped around the bundle during this step to avoid tangling. Run your fingers through your hair after that. Allow drying naturally. The hair should be tangle-free and shed-free after drying.
  • INSTALLATION: Sew-in: Professional stylists recommend folding the wefts rather than cutting separate tracks when completing a full sew-in. This preserves the hair wig’s integrity, prevents shedding, and simplifies re-installation.
  • Machine Wefted Hair: A needle inserted into the weft weakens the structure and causes shedding.
  • direction from root to tip. As a result, always pull hair from the top, where it is secured with a rubber band.
  • GENERAL MAINTENANCE – We recommend having your stylist cut the ends of your Indique Virgin hair wigs when you receive them, especially if you want to utilize heat treatment. Split ends can be caused by hot tools, shortening the life of your extensions. Shampoo and condition your hair once a week with Indique Hair Care Essentials to maintain it silky and manageable. Their products are devoid of sulfates, moisturizing, and enhanced with French Argan Oil. The shampoo cleanses gently, replenishes moisture, and adds shine to your hair wigs. Hair is hydrated without being weighed down by the conditioner.


Indique is your one-stop shop for all types of hair wigs, including human and synthetic wigs, remy and non-remy hair, clip-ins, and tape-ins hair extensions, and excellent bundle offers on weaves and braiding hair. It not only sells human hair wigs and extensions. But also hair care essentials such as shampoo and conditioner, hair oils and treatments, and other such items.

Take a look at some of the most popular hair wigs from Indique for this season.


Do you like your hair to be straight yet with some texture? Coarse Straight’s design was ideal for blending in with natural hair. Coarse Straight has a low sheen and just enough grit to it. You can curl or straighten Coarse Straight Braiding Hair.

The hair is made entirely of virgin human hair from India. 


Or are you considering hair wigs with a texture that has a lot of movement and waves for shopping season? If so, Indique’s Water Wave Bulk has a wavy texture with a mild shine. It’s adaptable and easy to care for.

It’s another must-have virgin human hair wig for females who want to look beautiful and always be prepared for any occasion.


Kinky Curl is a product for our ladies who enjoy curls.  These delicate textured hair wigs are ideal for coiled or afro-inspired patterns for our lovely ladies who wish to channel their inner afro this season.


Do you desire the ease of wet, wavy hair that gives you an elegant and sensuous look? The texture of indicatee’s French Refined Braiding Hair is low-maintenance, wash-and-go. These curl pattern hair wigs have a medium sheen and plenty of well-defined, long-lasting curls.


The Texture Ring is a must-have if you’re not sure which hair texture is perfect for you. The virgin human hair texture ring is easy to wash, color, and style. You should know how different hair types react to coloring and heat styling. As well as how long the patterns will remain, before making your initial purchase. If you’re not sure which hair wigs are ideal for you, or if you want to color or style your hair wigs, acquire one of them and experiment with it.


We really hope that this post has clarified any confusion you may have about why Indique virgin hair wigs and extensions are one of the tops and therefore must purchase for this season. 

Get 50% off your best hair wigs from their online or walk-in shop. Plus additional special deals for members and shipping choices throughout the United States and the rest of the globe.

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