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Which Is Better Pepper Spray Or Pepper Gel?

When it comes to self-defense weapons, there are plenty of things you can use. There are multiple devices that have been created for your benefit to keep you safe. Everyone would have a different idea of how they want to protect themselves. In that capacity, you need to make sure whatever you are using is agreeable and usable for you. Pepper sprays are one of these weapons that are effective and quick to use. Depending on how each person prefers to deal with issues of self-defense, these sprays can be used in different ways. But there is a recent debate about which is better pepper spray or pepper gel? While the first is an aerosol spray it works better for indoor instances where it won’t spray off in the wind. As for pepper gel, it would work better in outdoor spaces where you need a firm aim at your assailant. 

Purpose and Contents Of Pepper Sprays 

Pepper sprays are one of those devices that are much more preferred by most people. They are easy to handle and carry wherever you go and they are cheap to buy. You can easily find small cans that can easily become a pepper spray keychain you can take with you wherever you go.  They are small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or car glove compartment and you can use it when you feel threatened. 

Pepper sprays come in gel or gas form, containing hot crushed pepper and other chemicals. These concoctions are meant to be sprays in the eyes of the attacker. The intense pepper heat and stinging causes temporary blindness to help the victim flee the crime scene. It is also incredibly painful even in small quantities and is a non-fatal way of dealing with criminals. Each pepper spray can usually contain about 90% of pepper oil or powder and something alcohol or alkaline based. In both cases, the burning pepper residue leaves marks and sores on the skin and bloody eyes. Anyone who has been sprayed with a pepper gel or spray can be identified after a few hours as well. It can also leave a burning sensation on your face and skin and spread the heat if you try to struggle with it. 

How To Use A Self Defense Pepper Spray 

Whenever you opt for any kind of weapon, you always have to look for something that will work for you. In any situation where you feel compromised, your choice of weapon can be ideal or disastrous. You have to stick with the kind of device you can use easily and trust to work for you. You don’t need any prior knowledge to operate the simple can and it is pretty simple as well. But you can make the best of the pepper spray if you know how to use it and when. 

While traveling on your own in public transport, pepper spray has proven to be the quickest weapon. Robbery, assault, stalking and harassment are some things you have to deal with on public transport. If any of those issues occur, pepper spray is the quickest way to deal with it. You don’t have to assemble it or load it, you just point and spray to get rid of anyone making trouble. If you are in a cab, you should always keep the spray out in your hand, and your finger on the spray. In case of the driver or someone trying to grab you or leading your astray, you can spray them and get out of the car. 

In more subtle situations like workplace or institution harassment, pepper spray is a good precedent. It doesn’t leave lasting effects on the skin or eyes if sprayed in a sensible amount. It is a good way to ward off people you don’t want to deal with without having to resort to violence or intense confrontation. 

For people who don’t prefer to engage in physical confrontations, pepper spray works really well. You can spray someone in the eyes from a little distance as well and make sure you say away. It is also a good alternative to never tackling your assailant or attacker physically. The pepper spray can bring down the toughest people and allow you to not engage and just escape.  

As a rule, there are some tricks and tips you should keep in mind. Pepper sprays are aerosols, so try and always spray them away from your own face to avoid any issues. Always use a spray or gel with your dominant hand so you don’t miss the spray nozzle and squirt yourself instead. When you are countering an attack from a criminal, aim for the eyes, nose, or mouth. Pepper spray is still effective if it is inhaled so you can always go back and spray more to disorient someone to getaway. Make sure that you always have your pepper spray out in your hand when you are travelling at night, especially alone. 

Types Of Pepper Spray To Buy

If you are looking for a pepper spray for self-defense, you will get a variation in size and quantity. You can also choose from different brands that use different severity of pepper levels in their sprays. The most common and increasingly popular one is the keychain pepper spray. Approximately 100 to 150 grams of spray cans are fastened to keyrings so you can carry them easily. These keychains fit in house keys, car keys, purses, and even pockets for constant access. 

If you are looking for firepower, you can also find police-grade pepper sprays that are stronger. It is advised to test them out in open spaces to make sure you know what you are doing. The best place to find a quality pepper spray for sale online on stores like Knife Import. They not only give you a great collection of self-defense sprays but they are highly affordable for everyone. 

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