What’s the time limit to file for an Knee at work claim.

Security and safety is the first priority of every person. Every employer is bound to provide a safe environment for work. All organizations should follow health and safety rules. Being an employee if you have faced an Knee Injury claims at work , you can file a claim against the employer. You are eligible for compensation in case it is a no-fault accident. Mostly work injury claims are caused by human error.

What is the time limit for filing a Knee injury claim:

The time limit for filing a Knee injury claim is three years. You can file a claim within three years after facing an accident, with a claims management company. Lawswood claims serves this purpose in the best way. If your employer has been negligent in following health and safety issues, and you have suffered a loss of earnings or serious illnesses as a result of an accident at work. Our team of experts know all the procedures of filing a claim. Our specialists will deal with your employers insurance company. They help you get the best compensation for your claim. Moreover, we do not charge any fee upfront, until you win the compensation against your accident at work claim. That is our predominant feature of no win no fee. Hence there is no financial risk in taking advice on the matter.

Conditions for filing the claim:

It should be a no-fault accident:

It should not be your fault in the accident. If you fall from a ladder taking over the phone, its your fault to be distracted by the mobile phone. An accident should be the employers fault, only in that case you can file the accident at work claim.

Have a proof of the accident:

You should have soundproof of the accident.

  • Inform your human resource department about the fear that any accident might happen due to the unfavourable circumstances at work.
  • If you suffer an injury at work due to employers fault, make sure the employer has recorded it in the accident log book.
  • Consult a doctor to get a medical record and treatment, treatment costs can also be recorded
  • Take photographs of the accident, of your injuries, the venue, the things that turned out to be the reason of the accident. For example if your chair was broken at work, take its picture that how inefficiently it was designed.
  • Take a CCTV footage if available
  • Gather contact information of any eye witness available at the time of the accident so they can be contacted later.

It is advised to contact a claims management company as early as possible if you indulge in an accident at work. The time frame for filing the claim of accident at work is three years from the date of injury. It is important to keep a record of all expenditures and receipts. It can be a record of medical treatment you had to get as a result of injury at work. It can be a record of photographs, CCTV footage or a note from an eye witness. These proofs are fundamental in proving you innocent. They help you in getting the maximum amount of compensation from your employers insurance liability.

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