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What to Do When Your iPhone’s Screen Cracked

When we drop our iPhone, we could see it happening in slow motion. You may have your iPhone in your hand one moment, and the next thing you know, it is barreling towards the ground in a nosedive. We tend to panic when we drop our phones, but we should stay calm and understand the situation. Here in this post, we’re going to tell you what to do your iPhone’s screen cracked.

Stay Safe with the iPhone’s screen cracked

The first thing to do is pick up the phone and check whether the damage is severe or mild. There are several cases in which people pick up their iPhones and cut their hands due to the sharp glass poking out of the phone. It is better to wrap up your iPhone with tape so that your hand is safe from the poking-out glasses.

Access the Damage

You should check how much damage your iPhone has endured. Is it a single hairline crack or is the screen shattered completely? If there is not any significant damage to the phone, the phone might still be able to operate normally. If not, you might need to make a trip down to an Apple iPhone repair service in Singapore and see whether the phone can be fixed or not.

Apple does not cover physical damage to iPhones, you will still have to pay the fee even if you have AppleCare. In most cases, impact points are obvious, and Apple iPhone repair service Singapore can detect the problem immediately.

 Find the Best Repairing Option for You.

There are various repair options for an iPhone, so many in fact that it can be overwhelming. Following are some of the best and reliable iPhone screen repair options that you can opt for.

 Come-to-You repair service

Most people do not know about this new iPhone screen cracked repair option. The fact is that this option is highly helpful for various iPhone users. Various companies in Singapore will send a professional technician directly to your place and repair your iPhone cracked screen in front of you. This type of repair service is usually cheaper than Apple repairs and is highly convenient. Instead of standing around the mall, someone will come to you and fix your iPhone right before your eyes.

Local iPhone Repair Shops

This is by far the best option. There is various Apple iPhone’s repair cracked service in Singapore. It is because Apple products have become more and more popular. For this reason, various stores have opened up.

Although this option is good, you will still have to find someone who is an expert in fixing iPhones. It is better to know that if the official Apple repair service centre came to know that a 3rd party has made some repairs to your iPhone, Apple may refuse to do any further repairs on your iPhone. If this happens, you will have to buy a new iPhone or put up with the current one. For trusted local iPhone repair services, check out Esmond Service Centre located in Alexandra Retail Centre.

What You Should Not Do with a Cracked Screen iPhone?

If your tech-savvy friend offers to help you to repair your phone, or if you think that replacing iPhone cracked screen by yourself is a good idea, in reality, it is not. Repairing an iPhone is a narrow and delicate process. There are dozens of tiny components inside the phone. It is easy to make a mistake or leave something out of place. If even a tiny cable is cut, you may end up with a permanently damaged iPhone.

It is highly recommended to take your phone to the Apple repair service in Singapore instead of trying it by yourself. You will need a specialized toolkit just to get inside the phone.

If your DIY project turns out to be a failure, you should not expect Apple to give you a free pass. If they found out that you opened up the iPhone and tried to replace the screen, there are high chances that they will not honor the warranty and repair the phone.

Even an expert Apple genius can make mistakes when repairing an iPhone cracked screen. For this reason, Apple stores are often filled with replacement parts.

How to Protect your iPhone from a Cracked Screen?

Here are some ways to protect your phone from making the same mistake again cracking your iPhone.

Get a Good Back Cover of iPhone’s Screen

If you want to save your money on repair, it is best to invest in a good back cover to protect your phone from rough dropping and handling. A reliable back cover comes with soft cushion backing to protect the iPhone edges with firm ridges and keep the internal circuits safe against rough hits.

Get a Sturdy Screen Protector of iPhone’s Screen

You need to get quality accessories to keep your iPhone safe. The screen of the iPhone is highly delicate. For this reason, the first thing you should consider is applying a sturdy screen protector that will protect your phone against rough landing. There are various screen protectors available to choose from, plastic or tempered glass, which can fit into your budget and help keep your iPhone from breaking.

Bombed updates, escapes, or equipment issues can be the wellspring of this issue. You can take a stab at restarting your gadget. In the event that that doesn’t work, you can resolve the issue by hard reset or plant reset your telephone. On the off chance that that actually doesn’t work, you can attempt to reboot your iPhone in DFU, otherwise called Device Firmware Upgrade mode. In case that is as yet not working, you should visit an iPhone fix administration focus in Singapore. There are different iPhone fix administration focuses in Singapore, and quite possibly the most respectable is Esmond Repair and Service.

You should remember that both hard rest and booting in DFU mode will get out the entirety of your setting and information on your iPhone. In the event that you end up running over a circumstance where your iPhone is stuck on a white screen and doesn’t have iTunes or iCloud reinforcement, you should first reinforcement your fundamental data on your PC or elsewhere prior to continuing with the reset.


I hope this article has helped you figure out which repair service is best for your iPhone’s screen cracked. It can be highly frustrating when this is cracked. Make sure to think well and do well research before opting for any of the repairing options. Esmond Service Centre has over 10 years of iPhone repair and service experience in Singapore. Check out their website.

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