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What makes RXNT EMR the right choice for your practice?

Why Do You Need an EHR Software?

If you run a medical practice, you are almost certainly required by law to invest in EHR software, depending on the state you are in. Not only can EHR software help you manage your patient reports, but it can also help you manage your entire practice. This software will help you with everything from scheduling appointments to streamlining your billing processes.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the functionality, as well as some of the software’s latest user feedback. All of this should help you decide whether RXNT is the one for you.


RXNT EMR is a cloud-based medical software provider with a fully integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution that includes E-Prescribing and Patient Engagement for practices of all sizes and specialties. It was launched in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1999 and was appointed to Inc. The software offers a lot of excellent EHR features that we need to look at so without further delay, let’s get into that.

RXNT EHR Features

Electronic Prescriptions

The e-prescription feature is the first feature we’d like to discuss in RXNT. This feature allows you to create prescriptions online and have them automatically sent to the pharmacy your patients choose. You can make picking up prescriptions much more convenient for your patients with this feature.

The software will also notify you of any negative drug reactions so that you are aware of what to avoid. This allows you to make it much simpler for yourself and your patients while still maintaining the highest level of safety possible!

Patient Portal

The patient portal functionality is just another feature that users appreciate. You may use this function to relieve yourself of certain administrative tasks and instead delegate them to your patients.

Your patients will be able to arrange their appointments, keep track of upcoming appointments, and easily connect with you using this feature. All of these features assist you in reducing your duties by eliminating the need for you to arrange appointments or call patients to remind them of their appointments!

Patient Charting

Patient charting is one of the most critical aspects of running a medical practice. Accurate patient data is important because it allows you to diagnose and manage your patients more effectively. With the charting feature, you can cut down on the time it takes to chart patient data, which is extremely helpful because you can use that time for other things.

The charts are often very comprehensive, providing as much information about the case as possible while illustrating the most critical aspects.


RXNT is a cloud-based, always-on solution. To ensure consistency and reduce risk, any change made in the mobile app is automatically synced. Since the software is not stored on a specific computing device, but rather on remote servers that you can access remotely, a cloud-based EHR can be used from anywhere in the world. This feature helps you to use the software on the go since it has a smartphone app that can be downloaded to your portable devices, allowing you to use it no matter where you are.

User Review

There are hundreds of reviews available on different websites online. Because of how well received it is by current users, the app has an average rating of over 4 stars, making it a very well-reviewed EHR. As a result, it is certainly software you should seriously consider. If you want a more detailed Review, visit Software Finder. 

RXNT EHR Pricing

In terms of cost, the product is on the lower end of the EHR software price range. The most basic version starts at $65 for the most basic version. The cost of the software rises in proportion to your requirements and the number of features it offers.

Final Thoughts!

Now you’re probably wondering if RXNT is a product that we suggest you purchase. Although we believe this is good software and a worthy investment, we can’t make this decision for you. We would recommend checking as many software user reviews as possible and also book an RXNT EHR demo. 

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