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What is the price 5kw Solar Panel in India?

If you are thinking of installing solar panels for your commercial office, it would be good to choose a 5-kilowatt solar system. 5-kilowatt solar panel systems are sufficient to support small houses, offices, and shops. They are self-sustainable and would be a great choice if you are looking for a durable and efficient power supply alternative. Working with these solar panels, you will be able to generate sufficient power to support frequent power cuts during the day and at night. Here, Urban Solarise – the best Solar Company in Mohali, will discuss the 5 kw solar panel features.

Features of 5kW Solar Panel System


The 5-kilowatt solar panel system is self-sustainable. This means that other than the components required for its installation and working, you would not need to invest more time in it. It is self-sustainable and carries out its function with minimal indulgence. If your location gets sufficient sunlight, there is no need to worry about the efficiency of the solar panel system.

48-volt design and lithium battery

The Solar Company in Mohali makes a 5-kilowatt solar panel system with a 48-volt design supported by a lithium battery and Shark 440 panels. This is a fantastic combination to keep all the appliances and power consumption intended with this power supply. A 5-kilowatt solar panel is more than sufficient to support multiple electrical devices throughout the day. 

Overload protection

The latest 5-kilowatt solar panel system also comes with the feature of overload protection. The photovoltaic panels are protected with components so that overload does not damage the system. In case of excess current, the components will be protected by interrupting the flow immediately.

High durability

5-kilowatt solar panels are made with superior quality material to ensure high durability. They are meant to survive harsh weather conditions while sitting on the rooftops of the buildings. As they require direct sunlight, there cannot be any coverage or external protection given to the solar panels. This is why extra care is taken to use durable and long-lasting build material for the panels.

What is the working behind solar panels?

Before you start investing in this technology, it would be a good idea to have a basic understanding of its working and the 5kw solar system price in India with subsidy. Solar panels generate electricity with the help of renewable solar energy.

Photons from the sun rays hit the photovoltaic cells and knock off loose electrons from the atoms. These panels have conductors on either end (negative and positive sides), which work together to complete a circuit. The loose electrons flow through the circuit, generating the electricity required for the power supply. 

We repeat this process over multiple panels which are interconnected with wiring. The complete set of multiple solar panels is known as a solar array. The total power generation of the solar array depends on the number of solar panels being deployed to work. Good quality photovoltaic solar panels also help to increase the efficiency of power generation. The electricity generated is in direct current.

How much does a 5kW solar panel price in India?

The 5kw solar panel price in India will approximately be around ₹ 5 lacs. Depending on the individual components you would be utilized in the solar panel system, the pricing can go up and down. Several elements will be required in this setup: solar panels, solar battery, solar inverter, panel stand, DC wires, connectors, etc. Add to this installation and earthing costs.

The total cost of the complete structure of 5-kilowatt solar panels would be somewhere above ₹4,90,000. As there are multiple components involved in this setup, you can choose what best meets your criteria and budget.

5-kilowatt solar panels can be utilized in small offices, homes, and commercial spaces. It can support up to eight to ten fans, multiple electrical appliances, lights, and much more. If you consider the solar panel as an alternative for power cuts, it would be a good idea to estimate your total power consumption beforehand.

The components you would be using for this setup would depend on the total power consumption as well.

Using solar energy to surface your power consumption needs is a good idea. It is not only suitable for your budget but will also be beneficial to the environment. Solar energy can reduce carbon footprint; it is vital to keep the environment clean and healthy. With just a minor change, we can minimize our electricity bills and help save the environment for a better future.

You should always take your time in estimating the power consumption you make on an average basis and have a basic idea of solar panel compatibility with your location. Having a good idea of this will be very helpful in the future. 

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