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What is the Difference Between a Private Nursery and a Public Nursery School?

Nursery school is the foundation of your child’s educational future. With numerous school options available, it’s daunting to choose the best one to nurture your child’s talents. The debate of whether to select a public or private nursery school is necessary when you’re deciding your baby’s future.

So what is a private nursery school?

A private nursery school is an independently owned institution that focuses on early childhood education. Among private schools are some of the best international schools that offer nursery education to secondary and high school.

What is a public nursery school?

The definition of a public school differs in different countries, but one thing seems to be shared among most of them. A public nursery school is a school funded by public funds-mostly run by the government. Education is free for students from nursery school to high school, and the government also pays teachers and other staff.

Differences between private and public nursery schools


Cost is one of the most significant differences between a private and a public school. As mentioned earlier, most public schools are free, while private nursery schools can cost you a pretty penny. However, the cost of private nursery schools depends on the facilities and quality of education the school offers.

Private schools have always been more pricey than public schools, but some parents consider it worth it. Furthermore, many private schools today don’t have high tuition rates, and many can afford to take their kids to a private nursery school. 

Classroom size

Classroom size at the best international schools here means the number of students per class. Private schools have smaller class sizes than public schools because public schools are free and open to all. A smaller class size means that your kid will get individual attention from the teacher.

A typical private nursery classroom will have about 15-20 students when a public school can have more than 20 students. In the larger classroom, it’s difficult for one teacher to attend to every student’s needs, so some kids end up falling behind. 


Every country has a specific system of education that both private and public schools must follow. However, private schools tend to be more flexible as they can offer a variety of curricula. For example, you can take your child to a private nursery school that provides the Montessori program, but they can still take the national exams in primary school to advance to high school.

Public schools stick to the core subjects leaving no wiggle room for expanding a child’s view of the world through education. However, it can still set an excellent educational foundation for your child. 

Admissions process

Private schools’ admission process requires more work than in public schools. Your child will have to go through interviews and maybe do a written test, and they might not even get a spot because of limited space.

When choosing a school for your child, it is best to let your child’s educational needs guide you. Whether you take them to a private or public nursery school, the aim is to give them the best educational foundation tailored to their needs at the time.

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