What is Real Estate Company, and how many types are there?

The word real estate or real estate company is one of the most common ones we hear in our everyday life, in the news, or from our friend’s mouths. But do we know what real estate is?  When we hear about this word, most of us have a vision of some house or building, but that’s not the whole picture we need to draw in our minds.

What is Real Estate:

In definition, real estate is a piece of land in which buildings, land, and all the natural resources like trees or streams are included. Real estate is a real property that is different from personal property.

Real Estate vs. Personal Property:

As we discussed before, real estate is a piece of land in which all the man-made or natural resources are included, such as buildings, trees, etc. On the other hand, personal property can be anything that is not attractive to the land, like your car or your clothes.

Types of Real Estate:

Real estate can be of multiple types when you notice. It can be a family house your parents own or a shop of your friend where you take your grocery items from. To understand this, we classified these estates into different categories. Some of them are mentioned below:

Residential Estate: 

A residential estate is a property in which we live. It can not be a commercial property like a shop, but it should be like the one we live in, for example, a family house or apartment. 

Commercial Estate:

Different from the residential estate, commercial real estate is a property on which business activity can be done. It can be a grocery shop or some office of a company. But the fun fact is apartments can also be in this category. They are used for commercial purposes only like rental apartments or hotels.

Industrial Estate:


This type of real estate property includes land or building which is used for manufacturing or processing activities like a shoe factory or warehouse in which we store commercial things. This type of real estate is important as construction and sales activity are done here.

Agricultural Real Estate:

This type of real estate includes land that is used for agricultural purposes, for example, cornfield or cotton fields. We can also sometimes refer to this kind of property as commercial, but the farm estate is more suitable for this estate.

Special Purpose Real Estate:

Special purpose real estate is a property or area primarily public, and public buildings like mosques or police stations are built on them. This category also includes public parks or government schools.

Mixed used real estate:

Mixed-use real estate is a kind of property that is used for mixed purposes like it can be used as a shop and residential area at the same time.

Real Estate company:

A real estate company is a company that deals with the sales and purchase of all kinds of real estate property. Many companies are out there for this purpose, but you have to choose one very carefully as not all of them are the same. If you are someone living in Pakistan or especially in Lahore, Syed Brother is the most trusted real estate company you can find here.


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