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What Is Background Removal and Why is it Important?

Background Removal Service is one of the core photo editing services in digital image manipulation. The operation of removing the background is one part. But, there are other additional editing methods to apply for acquiring a targeted look. And, all the editing by professionals like Clipping World personnel can deliver the best and perfect presentation.

The prime objective of the Background Removing service is to make the subject free from the existing background. Later, you can use a solid-colored background or any background relevant to the subject. The only thing to maintain is the subject should be visually perfect all the way. And, background removing is the first key where bringing the best look is the last one.


The service for removing the background comes with the necessity of isolating the subjects. You can ask for any subject whether that is a product or a human model. But, to remove the background from your product photos requires the professional hands that we have. And, the types of product photos are with different complexity. So, the categorization is based on the product mostly. However, we have a category to take care of difficult subjects like humans or subjects with soft edges. The basic categories of background removal services are;

  • Easy Removal
  • Medium Removal
  • Complex Removal
  • Background Removal with Shadow
  • Replacing Existing Background With another One

Easy Removal

The term Easy Removal indicates the subject with the most convenience to isolate. The path creation or making a selection is easy and takes less time to complete. The subject may contain some straight lines, a few curves, and fewer anchor points. Handling these kinds of subjects does not need specialized editors. But, we use our efficient ones even for this.

Medium Removal

Photo subjects that are a little harder than the previous one requires Medium Background Removal Service. Some straight lines, more cures with zigzag designs, more anchor points, holes, etc. are present. Also, the subject may have soft edges in some parts. The isolation is more difficult than Easy Removal and takes more time to handle.

Advanced Removal

Image subjects with enough lines, curves, anchor points, holes, and soft edges are for Advanced Removal. Also, the edge may be soft and very difficult to handle. And, the operation may take enough time and needs huge concentration with patience. Our photo editors are experts in this to provide you the best background removal possible.

Background Removal with Shadow

Removing the background is not all that you need for a proper presentation. You need to add a shadow with the isolated subject. The natural effect of a shadow is with a dark property. And, the dark property is dependent on the light source angle and subject opacity. The more opaque the subject is the more dark and thick the shadow will be. We add the shadow according to the requirement like a natural one.

Replacing Existing Background With another One

Changing the original background requires isolating the subject first. Then we go for placing another one for the sake of relevance to the subject and purpose of use. Removing the existing background makes the subject floating without any base. The look may be attractive sometimes but for a natural look, you need another background. We remove background and add one matching the subject and the theme.

How To Perform

The operation of background removal begins with the selection. You can use any selection option that suits best for the subject. Clipping Path is the best option for the subjects that have hard-edges. The isolation comes next and hiding the original image completes the job. The use of a Photoshop mask can be useful for this purpose. And, either way, is effective for the task done.

The Importance

Background Removal Service is highly important for the presentation of any specific subject. eCommerce websites do not allow product photos except in white or without the background. So, online marketing is in no way possible online without removing the background. Also, the operation gives us the option to change the background or merge multiple subjects together. And, 3D presentation with image animation is impossible without the service. So, in almost every aspect of the photographic presentation, Background Removing is a must.


To conclude, background removal services are inevitable in today’s digital world of marketing. Physical marketing is effective with product presentation directly. But, online marketing or photo marketing is faster and more effective than physical one. Also, you can reach more people with less effort only by appropriate photographs. The service gives the option to do online marketing properly and fruitfully. However, there are other photo editing methods that you can use for better results. But, they all start with the isolation of the subject or the product from the whole image. The best part is, you can modify the product digitally and make an eye-catchy view that attracts clients. And, to win the competition with similar product photos, you need to apply the best editing that Clipping World provides.

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