What is a printed circuit board and PCB repair tools?

This article talks about what is a printed circuit board, types of PCBs, and PCB repair tools. Let’s start.

What is a printed circuit board?

A printed circuit board or more generally called PCB is an integrated electronic component of all machines and gadgets we see or use today. They are used to electrically connect & mechanically support electronic parts.

PCBs are also used to reduce the size of electronic machines and gadgets. Further, with the help of PCBs, electronic circuitry becomes more productive and efficient.

The first PCB was created by Paul Eisler in 1930. He used the PCB in a radio set. After that, it is used in military operations. Today, we are surrounded by PCBs. From grinders to spaceships, they are a part of everything. It is pretty safe to say that all electronic devices today contain printed circuit boards in them. So, I think you have got an idea about what is a printed circuit board.

What are the types of PCBs?

The first PCB was a single layer. Further, with the passage of time, they have become advanced. Today, they are found in the below-given types:

  • Single-layer PCBs
  • Double layer PCBs
  • Multi-layer (goes up to 32 or more layers)
  • FR-4 PCBs
  • Rigid PCBs
  • Flexible PCBs
  • Rigid-flex PCBs
  • High-Frequency PCBs

What are PCB repair tools?

PCBs could get broken in a lot of scenarios. For example, when a novice technician enters a wrong voltage into the circuit board, it results in the destruction of the board. Another general reason might be owing to lizards or other insects.

When they reside in a circuit board, they bring about damage effortlessly since their body is akin to a direct wire contact which brings about a short circuit. Problems in the circuit board could be effortlessly fixed with printed circuit board repair technologies when a finely trained technician manages it.

Not all the circuit impairments could be fixed right off the bat since a few of them call for exclusive handling in the workshop. More often than not, a complete expert PCB repair kit would be required so as to fix the problem in a circuit board. While picking the printed circuit board repair kit, one should think about the following factors to make a great professional kit.

  • To find out whether the kit comprises all the needed tools to handle any kind of circuit damages.
  • To create conformity whether all the apparatuses & materials are developed and made as per IPC guidelines
  • To find out whether the carrying case is packed in & could grasp all the materials in a secure way
  • Must check whether the kit comprises a dry film, epoxy as well as color agents
  • To validate whether it comprises eyelets & all the setting tools
  • To validate whether it comprises circuit tracks
  • To validate whether it comprises any instructional manual or compact disc
  • To create a checklist with the manual provided whether all the machines and materials are comprised in the kit
  • To validate whether all the machines & materials have a surety on their efficiency
  • The most significant factor to remember is to find out whether all the machines & materials are created up of the best quality & field validated to provide the best standard efficiency.

Some of the important Printed Circuit Board repair tools are mentioned below:

  • Ball mill pack
  • Tweezers
  • Circuit board
  • Alcohol swab
  • Tool Grip
  • Tool base
  • Circuit tracks of varied dimensions
  • Circuit board
  • Bonding iron, film & tip
  • Abrader

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