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What are the Unique Entertainment Ideas You Can Use for Your Wedding Party?

At the wedding, your guests are coming to take part in your happiness. They are here to celebrate and to spread joy. While they have seen you exchanging vows with your partner of sickness and of health, they have showered their blessings. So, while they are taking part to enjoy the wedding party and the feast, you need to offer them some great options for entertainment.

So, here, in this blog, you will come across some unique and amazing ideas of entertainment that will not only enhance the enjoyment of your wedding but will also give you the taste of fun in a style that everyone is going to remember. What ideas I am talking about? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Tarot Card Reader

A wedding is an occasion where you promise to hold each other close through every thick and thin in the future. So, where the future is involved, then why don’t you bring a tarot reader at your wedding! Maybe your first cousin wants to get married next and she can find out when this is going to happen. Or maybe your friends want to know how amazing their next trip will be and the tarot can predict that too. Having someone telling the future will always intrigue and entertain people. In fact, don’t be surprised if the line in front of the table of the tarot reader is longer than the bar. When you are booking wedding venues in Texas, ask their decorator team to find a corner and deck it up beautifully for the tarot reading sessions. Your guests will love it.

Vegas Inspired Performers

If you have watched any movies set in Vegas, then surely you know how glamorous their parties can be. You can revive the glitz and glam of Vegas at your wedding in Houston too. Get a group of dancers who can perform an extravagant dance show in Vegas style. When you are looking for wedding venues in Houston TX, book one with an elaborate dance floor. Ask for the right types of lights and let the dancers take it from there.

Mariachi Band

When a mariachi band performs, you can bet no one will be willing to leave the dance floor. Mariachi is the famous local folk music of Mexico which is very popular all over the world. In fact, some of the most reputed party halls in Houston like Azul Reception Hall have their in-house Mariachi band to keep you and your guests entertained. With them, you can plan your grand entry too while they will make everyone groove with their music.

Ballet Dancer

Ballet dancing can be a very intimate and elegant addition to your wedding. You need to rent one of the spacious banquet halls in Houston so that the performance can happen there. Book a dance group and ask them to perform some variations of Swan Lake or the Nutcracker. Your guests will always remember the performance and your wedding for their whole life. Also, a group of ballet dancers will be a perfect thing for many Insta-worthy shots.

Live Painter

This is a perfect choice when you are planning an intimate wedding. Hire a live painter who will bring the most memorable moment of your life live with colors and brushes. Let them paint away all the beautiful glimpses of your wedding day, from the ceremony to the feast, from you exchanging vows with your partner to your aged grandparents looking at you two with tears in their eyes, holding each other’s hand after years of togetherness. The bonus point is, you will get some beautiful paintings for a lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for the options that we have mentioned here and make your wedding more memorable than ever.

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