What Are The Reasons For An Increase In Anxiety In Youngsters

It is very intrinsic for teenagers, to go through emotional ups and downs in life at the current ages. Many times they can feel anxious for doing any small activity like going to school prompt, worrying about what people would say.  They can very much relate to the term like butterflies in the stomach due to which they might feel shaky and sweat a lot. Many of them made changes in their diet such as a special k diet, vegan diet, vegetarian diet to cope up with anxiety. In this article, we would discuss anxiety in teenagers and probably how to resolve it.

Anxiety In Younger Generation

Nowadays anxiety is very common younger generation which we refer to as Generation Z. This can happen as they are going through a lot of emotional, physical, and social changes. At this stage, their brain is also developing and getting used to the new kind of experience and try to become more independent. They are also worried about the drastic changes which are happening in their life, can they grab the opportunities which are going to come along their way. Career, looks, and studies are three things that they worried about. Sometimes they fear the challenges which are coming on their way. 

Simple things like going to secondary school, getting used to the new environment there, preparing for the exams, acting in school plays or dramas, wearing school uniforms. They might even think of the world is going to end. For many youngsters, this anxiety does not last for a longer time.  But for some of the youngsters, the anxiety does not go away. It hampers their daily work too.

How To Handle Anxiety

Parents play an important role so they can help kids to handle anxiety, as they have also gone through the same phase in their life. It is important that parents speak with their kids and try to make them comfortable. It might happen that they might not speak at the initial phase, but slowly and steadily they might start talking. At that time parents should act as good listeners. Even if your child does not speak, tell them it is okay and you will support them whatever may be the situation. 

Make Them Face Anxiety

  • If your child has stage fear, might be they do not like acting and dancing but are good speakers. So let them join a class where they can sharpen their skills. Slowly and steadily it might happen that they would go to the stage and their fears would also get eliminated. 
  • Do not make fun of his anxiety and also do not ignore it. Make them feel that you are serious about listening to them and make them believe they can overcome their fear. Be the support system that they can lean on.
  • Build small goals for them which are built along with their anxiety. Encourage them to meet small goals, this would happen gradually and this would take some time. To remove their fear they can perform in front of family and do not forget to celebrate their small wins along with your family.

Avoid This Common Food

Some of us neglect how strong the impact food has on the human body, mental health, mood, stress level. So it is important that we need to avoid them. Due to over intake of these kinds of food it can trigger anxiety, depression, and some mental health condition. 

  • Sugar

We can call it white poison, sugar is very addictive if someone consumes it in high quantity they are bound to face obesity, high blood pressure, and tooth decay problems. It has also been linked to depression, change in mood, for some of them their anxiety levels go up. People feel that their energy levels have gone up post consuming sugar, which makes them crave for more sugary foods and aerated drinks. It is highly recommended that people should shift to other options such as honey or jaggery. 

  •  Fried Foods

If people eat a lot of junk food such french fries, pizza, hamburgers, pizza. It does not add any nutritional value to our body and also they are extremely hard to digest. When the body is not able to digest food it may lead to excess gas, acid reflux, gastrointestinal issues which may result in anxiety. We also need to stay away from suet, so for those who do not know what is suet, this is made from animal fats, processed, and stored for future usage to make delicious dishes. 

It is also advised to stay away from processed food, such as canned soups, frozen meats, frozen food. 

Consume this Food 

Small modifications in your diet would help youngsters from a sudden spike of anxiety that might happen due to consuming the wrong food. If you start eating some of the below-mentioned food it would be helpful for a long time.

Include Asparagus And Avocado

Many researchers have said that eating this asparagus has helped people to boost their mood. Those who have a deficiency of folate should especially have these vegetables.  Consuming Avacado is beneficial in many ways, it is rich in B6 vitamins, as B vitamins have thiamine, riboflavin, niacin have very positive effects on the mind and the nervous system.  They are also very rich in vitamin E which is very good for skin, vision, and reproduction. It also helps in widening the blood vessel and helps in the formation of red blood cells.  You add blueberries, turkey, salmon, and almonds to the diet as this would be very helpful.


After reading this article, many of you must have related to their younger days. As everyone goes through those days. But it is very important that your family stays with you as your support system. Make them busy with an activity they lie the most, playing sports, dancing, singing, drawing it can differ for each person. Make changes in their eating habits small shift in healthy eating habits would be very beneficial for them in longer terms. If someone suffers from anxiety it is not a disease but, just a status of mind that can be changed with positive things and a way of life.

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