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What Are the Options For Dementia Elderly Care Broomfield CO?

You’ve noticed that your parent or other loved one is beginning to have difficulties with remembering things. After an evaluation by a medical professional, it’s confirmed that the patient is in the early stages of dementia. This means some sort of care is needed to ensure your loved one can remain safe and as happy as possible. There are several options for dementia elderly care Broomfield CO that should be considered. Some of them are ideal for patients with mild dementia while others are more suitable for advanced cases. Now is the time to learn about all of them, so you can be prepared as the condition advances.

Adult Day Care Facilities At this juncture, opting for some type of adult day care may be a good idea. There are facilities that offer supervised activities and safe places for the elderly to spend the day. Staff members at these types of facilities are often trained in how to ensure people with dementia are cared for properly, including taking medications on time. In the evenings, your loved one can return home where you can provide care. This may be the perfect solution during the early stages, since it allows the patient to be with family and still be monitored while everyone is at work.

Daytime Home Care Another option is to go with private duty care in the home. With this solution, a trained professional comes into the home and spends time with your loved one while you’re at work. That professional can help with any task necessary to keep your loved one comfortable. If you like, it can include preparing meals, helping with personal hygiene, reading to the patient, or anything else that would help the patient cope with momentary loss of memory. This works a lot like an adult day care facility. The difference is that your loved one is at home. It’s still possible to have guests come in to visit or for your loved one to visit others under the eye of the caregiver. As with adult day care, you take over at the end of the day. Around the Clock Home Care As the condition progresses, more comprehensive care may be needed.

Assuming that it’s still possible for your loved one to remain in the home, around the clock dementia elderly care Broomfield CO could be the solution. In this scenario, you have a professional caregiver live in the home. This professional sees to the needs of the patient, including trips to the doctor or anything else that’s needed. You are still around to help as well, but don’t have to provide all the care. Between you and the live-in caregiver, it’s possible to ensure your loved one is safe and comfortable.

Living Facilities for Dementia Patients The day will come when the dementia reaches a stage that requires care that cannot be provided in the home. At that point, finding the best facility is the only real option. A facility can provide a sense of routine and continuity that will likely make things easier for your loved one. That includes meal times, entertainment, supervised activities, and medical care. Your goal is to provide the best possible setting for your loved one. Seek out medical advice and go with the option that works well for now. When the time comes, knowing what else is available for more advanced cases will help you make the right choice for future care.

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