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What are the most realistic colored contacts?

Colored lenses are the best way to draw attention to the eyes and make them appear more elegant. However, some contact lens brands offer vibrant and bright shades that do not match the aura of every personality. If you are looking for subtle and natural lenses that look realistic in the eyes, you have come to the right place. We selected the top brands that have the most intricate details and a natural appearance. 

Bella Colored Contacts 

Bella Colored Lenses
Colored Lenses in Pakistan

Bella Contact Lenses is a well-known brand for those who love wearing cosmetic lenses. This company manufactures some of the most unique yet natural shades available in the market. Bella Lenses gained a reputation after many Hollywood celebrities and Middle East celebrities adorned these contacts. The company classifies these lenses into different categories to make it easier for customers to choose their style. 

Bella Lenses Glow Collection 

This collection is one of the top sellers in the market because of the highlighting effect on the eyes. These lenses come with a distinct limbal ring that helps enhance your eyes and make them appear brighter. Also, the unique blend of light and dark tones gives a beautiful color combination. 

Bella Lenses Elite Collection 

The Elite collection launched recently to provide the most realistic lenses available in the market. These shades will take your breath away with subtle and charming tones. This collection features every shade imaginable in a natural finish. Also, the fine details make them look even more appealing. 

Bella Lenses Diamond Collection 

This collection is another jewel in the crown of Bella lenses. The lenses in the diamond collection highlight the eyes with light and dark colors. These tones blend for a realistic finish that you desire. Besides, the brightening effect makes your eyes glitter like a diamond. 

Bella Lenses Natural Collection 

The natural collection offers the most realistic tones ever. It helps define the pupil opening by combining two different shades. Also, it gives a doe-like effect to the eyes and makes them appear more beautiful. You can choose any shade from this collection and it will look nothing less than natural on the eyes. 

Bella Lenses are the first choice of those who do not want others to notice that they are wearing colored contact lenses. The subtle finish of these contacts is perfect for highlighting the eyes without making them look too vibrant. Also, the details around the pupil hole and the edge give a beautiful finish to these contacts. 

FreshLook Colored Contacts 

Freshlook Lenses
Freshlook Colorblends Lenses Price in Pakistan

FreshLook lenses are widely popular in most parts of the world. Alcon, a top lenses company, manufactures these contacts under hygienic and high-quality standards. These contacts are ideal for transforming the shade of dark or light eyes without looking over the top. Besides, this company uses an innovative three-in-one technology that gives these contacts a unique appearance. It helps the colors blend seamlessly for a natural eye-like look. Besides, there are three different FreshLook collections to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. 

FreshLook One Day Collection 

These daily disposable lenses come in four different colors of the natural spectrum. You can choose from blue, hazel, green, and gray tones depending on your style. Moreover, these lenses have a smaller diameter to enhance comfort and make the lenses look more subtle. Also, these lenses are the ideal choice if you are looking for a wearable and realistic vibe. 

FreshLook Colorblends Collection 

This collection is the best-selling range from the Fresh Look lenses shades. The highly pigmented lenses have high opacity and 55% hydration keeps the eyes moist. Also, these monthly use lenses are suitable for everyday wear and last for a whole month. Besides, the attractive colors in this collection make it a top-selling product. FreshLook Colorblends include exquisite shades suitable for every skin tone. 

FreshLook Colors 

These lenses come in four unique shades that captivate the eye. Every color has minute details that highlight the eyes and make them appear enlarged. Moreover, FreshLook colors have an attractive appearance that gives a natural look to the eyes. 

Even though these colored contact lenses have considerably vibrant tones, they look realistic in the eyes. The subtle patterns enhance the appearance and make them look more natural. Also, you can opt for any collection from this brand to highlight your appearance. 

Glassesmart is a leading online store in Pakistan that fulfills all contact lens needs. It features the brands of realistic contact lenses for those who want a natural appearance. Also, these contacts go well with any casual outfit during the day or night. Some people prefer a subtle look that makes the eyes appear doll-like and do not draw all attention to the eyes. So, this website stocks natural lens options for those who want a natural yet charming look.

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