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What are the Fue hair transplant side effects and why?

Fue hair transplant has proven to be effective in restoring lost hair. Many people with hair loss problems or even hair thinning are opting for fue hair transplant. Even some of the most famous Hollywood actors and footballers have undergone hair transplants which have improved their appearance after losing hair. Hair loss can drain your self-esteem. However, you don’t have to bear all the psychological effects that come with hair thinning or hair loss when you can have a head full of hair through a hair transplant.But before visiting your specialist to undergo the procedure, you should be aware of fue hair transplant side effects you are likely to experience during and after the surgery.

Short-term Fue hair transplant side effects you should know


1. Swelling and bleeding of the scalp

As with other surgical procedures, fue hair transplant comes with risk, and bleeding or even swelling of the scalp are among the side effects. Therefore, you should be aware of that before undergoing surgery. 

During fue hair transplant process, your doctor removes hair follicles from a part of your head with healthy hair. The treatment area where follicles will be transplanted is incised and those incisions on the scalp may swell and blood can come out.

While swelling and bleeding are common fue hair transplant side effects, they are less since the treatment is far less invasive. And if your scalp bleeds and swells beyond the expected levels after treatment, ensure to seek medical attention from your specialist.

2. Itching during the healing period

When healing after surgery, you will always experience itching on treated areas. Apart from other types of surgeries, itching is among the common fue hair transplant side effects you’ll experience during the healing period due to the contraction of your scalp.

Itching your scalp will make you uncomfortable which may tempt you to scratch and relieve itching. However, you should avoid it since scratching can displace your newly transplanted hair follicles.

Scratching the scalp after a hair transplant may allow dirt to pass into the incised wounds which can use infection. Infection on your scalp increases the risk of complications that can be costly. That’s why you need to avoid scratching your scalp after a fue hair transplant despite all the temptations.

3. Infections

Folliculitis is also part of the fue hair transplant side effects that face patients after surgery. That is an infection or inflammation of the hair follicles.

Removing hair follicles and transplanting them on the incised scalp can attract infection. But such kinds of infections are treatable by the use of mild antibiotic cream. You may also use gel or lotion.

 In case scalp infection becomes serious, it’s important to reach your aftercare specialist. That way, you will get vital advice or medical help. Therefore, you shouldn’t be scared of restoring your lost hair due to fue hair transplant side effects like infections since they have quick solutions.

4. Shock loss and hair loss

Many people that seek hair transplants worry about its success in restoring the lost hair. You’re likely to have concerns about whether the procedure has been unsuccessful and you have wasted your hard-earned cash.

You’ll shed hair after a hair transplant. Though it’s a normal process, it’s one of the temporary fue hair transplant side effects that cause concern to many patients seeking hair restoration.

Losing hair after a transplant occurs because the treatment disrupts the hair cycle. Besides, the procedure causes scalp trauma which causes a natural reaction.

While it may be a concern losing hair after transplant, it’s very healthy since it allows your newly transplanted hair to grow well. Even the treated area can heal with no interference.

5. Bruising around your head

Light bruising shouldn’t scare you since it’s among the common fue hair transplant side effects you will experience around the treated area. Bruises occur since hair harvesting and incision are made on your scalp which is sensitive and causes discomfort. 

Though rare, some patients suffer severe bruising around the forehead after transplant. But that doesn’t last for more than two days. In case it persists, you should see an aftercare specialist.

Long-term fue hair transplant side effects

You can resolve the temporary hair transplant side effects within a few weeks after surgery and when your hair starts to grow back. But there are other long-term complications you’ll have to bear with if you decide to undergo a fue hair transplant. You include the following.

Scalp laxity

During fue hair transplant, your head goes through a lot of trauma. And that impacts the laxity of your scalp after the procedure.

After the surgery, you’re able to gain back a large percentage of lost scalp laxity within 6-8 months after the transplant process. But your scalp continues to loosen after that. And if your scalp was loose even before the transplant, you are likely to gain full laxity. 

For the fue hair transplant candidates with tighter scalp before treatment, they will have a much more noticeable change. So, scalp laxity is part of the common side effects of fue hair transplant you may notice after surgery. But it shouldn’t deter you from getting the treatment.

Hair curling

Hair curling is another long-term complication some patients face after fue hair transplant surgery. Here, the hair follicle may be damaged during harvesting or re-implantation and when it is implanted the incisions heal. The follicle starts to curl under your scalp skin. That results in ingrown hair on the scalp.

Curling of hair inside the skin after transplant leads to growth of sore on the scalp leading to infection and pus. Besides, when there is a lot of hair curling after a fue hair transplant, your hair will appear sparse and unnatural. That’s why you should seek a transplant series from an experienced doctor to avoid the occurrence of this kind of fue hair transplant side effects.


If you plan to seek hair loss treatment, the above are common fue hair transplant side effects you should keep in mind. Some of them are temporary and you can manage within a few days or weeks after transplant. But in case the effects persist, ensure to get medical treatment or advice from your specialist.

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