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What are the Factors to be considered while selecting the Right EV Charger?

In this article, we will help you choose the right home charging station for your electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle. In addition to charging speed and installation, there are factors to consider like power and capacity adjustments as well as location. The ease of use and cost of the system are also important factors to consider. You will have to determine which EV charger is best for you, after determining that the supplied charger is insufficient for your daily charging needs. Although, you are spoilt for choice as there are many EV charger suppliers, but buying from the one whose charger suits your requirements and the budget is the most important.

Top factors to consider while choosing the right EV charger:-

1. Installing an electric car charging station will cost me how much money?

Authenticated charging stations can be purchased for around 599 Euros. If the extra features are included, then the price will probably be higher.

  • In addition to the charging station itself, you need to consider mounting and electrical installation.
  • A lot depends on the situation at the site. Are you planning to mount the electric charging station on the wall or on an additional pedestal, how far is your parking spot from the fuse box, and will you have to break through walls or dig a trench?
  • Would you like to use an existing lead, or will you need to run a new cable?

The point is to design a system that is future-proof. The cable section must be suited to 22 kW if a new installation is to be made. Purchasing a new electric vehicle that has a speedier charging device in a few years’ time will eliminate any additional expenses, even if the installation costs are a few hundred Euros greater than today’s. Safety elements related to electrical systems are also crucial.

Electrified car charging stations must have individual electrical circuits on command that are protected by safety devices such as circuit breakers and residual current devices.

2. Plug-in or Hardwired:

Hardwired and plug-in EV chargers are available. In addition to being easy to move, plug-in chargers can be easily returned if they need to be replaced if necessary. A licensed electrician must be contacted in order to remove hardwired chargers.

3. Cable Length:

With these chargers, you can get a cable as long as 25 feet. Select a charger that can reach your car’s charge port wherever you park it. Make sure you get at least a 20-foot cable.

4. Smart or Dumb:

Smart EV chargers provided by companies like TECHOVN have apps that allow owners to perform various functions including reviewing charging sessions, monitoring charging in real-time, starting or stopping charging sessions, setting up charging reminders, etc. Charging an electric vehicle is all that dumb charger can do, which is what some EV owners prefer.  Batteries stop charging when a dumb charger is used.

5. Power Delivery:

Your EV charger should be capable of delivering at least 32amps (7.7kW) to the car, and ideally 40amps (9.6kW). You will future-proof your garage by getting the right charger today, even if the EV you own today can’t handle that much power.

6. Safety-Certified with 3-Year Warranty:

On the Internet, you can find a variety of EV charging equipment. They are often low-quality, inexpensive devices without certification that come with short warranties. It is advisable to get an EV charger that is safe to use and has at least a 3-year warranty.

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I Hope, the article has assisted you in buying an EV charger for your car or charging station. We recommend you to buy from the best EV charging companies in India so that the quality is the utmost and you get what you need.

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