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What are the Best Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a city in the desert and is known around the world for adventure and thrill. Las Vegas‘ famous resort-lined street, The Strip, twinkles with lights and replicas of beautiful landmarks from across the globe. Many of the hotels are so luxurious that they are counted on the list of attractions in Las Vegas. You will also discover shows and a plethora of outdoor activities. The Grand Canyon is a short helicopter trip away that people love. The hills and mountains surrounding Las Vegas provide a variety of leisure activities, including hiking, camping, boating, and skiing. Las Vegas is a fantastic spot to visit with American Airlines Booking.

Below are the Main Point of attraction in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a wonderful vacation spot to visit. The city is a perfect blend of adventure, fun, history, art, and much more. If you are planning a vacation to the city, you must check out the cheapest flight tickets. These are exclusive deals that include flights, hotels, and other rentals you will need when visiting Las Vegas. Along with that, the airline also makes sure that they provide these packages at the best rates. This article talks about how you can get cheaper flights to Las Vegas

Hiking in Mt. Charleston

Located in the West of Las Vegas, Mount Charleston is an amazing mountain range with many hiking trails for the hikers to soak in the views. For beginners, Mary Jane Falls is the safest and best course. This runs for 2 miles, and the view from the top is mesmerizing. You can see Kyle canyon from there. If you want to go a little extra, then you can hike along the Mummy mountain, which is a 5 miles trail starting with a bit of an elevation gain. A highlight of these mountains is the Bristlecone Pine, a 3000 years old tree, which is believed to be the oldest living thing in Nevada.

Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs Hike

Unrevealed to many tourists, Gold Spring Canyon Hot Spring is loved by locals. People love to come here to hike the trails. Although there are many hiking trails in the city, this one is special because there are many unexpected stops throughout the trail.  You can take a dip in the hot spring styles like a hot tub. Also, pass the Pat Tillman Bridge on your way to the top. You can join a hikers group or hire an expert to help you pass these trails, as it may not be easy for everyone.

Cruising on Lake Mead

Another way to look at this city and enjoy the most out of it is by taking a cruise ride on Lake Mead. This lake is an artificial lake built in the 1930s. These paddleboat cruise rides become expensive from April to October. Along with the cruise ride, people also come here to boat and to swim.  However, it is believed that due to water levels dropping continuously, the lake will dry up by the end of the next decade. So before it disappears, you must soak in the view from these amazing cruise rides.

Kayaking the Colorado River

Kayaking is a way to explore the beauty of any place and see amazing things while enjoying the sparkling water. In Las Vegas, the best place to kayak is the Colorado River. The river is surrounded by greenery from all sides, and you will see many wildlife creatures throughout the way. During your ride, you can also explore Emerald Cave which will give you vibes that will stay with you forever. If you visit the city during the time of the full moon nights, make sure you kayak on one of the evening tours to get the best view.

Cycling around Red Rock Canyon

Not very far away from the very famous resort lane, The Strip, Red rock canyon is surrounded by many trails where locals and tourists love to cycle around and take in the jaw-dropping views of the sky-high mountains. While riding your bike, you will come across amazing waterfalls, wildlife-watching sites, and much more. The trail runs across 13 miles, with many places to stop and enjoy the surroundings. You can rent a cycle from Las Vega Cyclery located on the outers of the city.

Zip-lining in Bootleg Canyon

Ziplining in Downtown Las Vegas on the Fremont Street Experience is an ideal place o zip-line for beginners. But if you are an expert or are very much into adventure and want to get a marvelous experience, you must go to the outers of Boulder City. Bootleg canyon can be easily reached by truck ride or by hiking. When you reach the top, you can hop on a series of ziplines at a speed of 50mph. The experience will give you chills and thrills at the same time.

Explore Valley of Fire

This state park got its name because of the appearance of the rocks. They appear like they are molded with fire. Valley of fire is hardly an hour away from the city, and it is definitely worth your time. The red sky-touching mountains and the hint of green around the valley will leave you with a feeling of awe. The formation of these mountains started during the era of dinosaurs due to red desert sands.

Cliff Jumping at Nelson’s Landing

Another adventurous sport you can try on is cliff jumping to the top of Nelson’s Landing. You can take the help of the locals to find the best and right spot to try cliff jumping. During your ride, you will also pass through a ghost city that must be explored if you’re adventurous enough. This town is best for taking the best snapshots. If you do not want to try cliff-jumping, you can also get into the water and relax during summer.

Shooting at Pro-Gun Club

Shooting can be a risky business, but it can be thrilling with the right guidance and in a safe place. At the Pro-gun club in Las Vegas, you can try shooting with a huge range of guns. This club is built on 160 acres of land and ensured to be a safe space. They have also customized run-down vehicles as targets if you want to go a little extra.

Stroll Through Springs Preserve

For nature lovers, the Springs reserve is a perfect spot to visit in Las Vegas. It is a wonderful and gorgeous 180-acre of land filled with a huge variety of plants, trees, flowers, and other natural habitats. There are museums, trails, and parks for you and your family to enjoy within the reserve.

Along with all the fun and adventure, Las Vegas has a lot more to offer. In and sound the city, there are many places tourists love to explore. Everyone must take a trip to Las Vegas at least once, and this place is optimal for a solo trip as well as for a family vacation. Thus, we recommend you head to American Airlines Español Teléfono, book your flights and hotels, and get a taste of this gorgeous city.

For Better Stay At Night

On the off chance that you’re making a trip to Las Vegas for the gambling machines, showgirls, and tricks, you’re probably intending to remain on the Strip, where there are great many rooms with exceptionally cutthroat rates.

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