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What Are the Benefits of Vertical and Horizontal Storage Tanks


There are different options for water storage? Among those, the Horizontal Tanks are not only store water but also food, fertilizers, and more than 300 chemicals.

To identify the ideal type of tank for your products, we recommend consulting the chemical resistance guide. This guide relies on the chemical storage tanks. Its concentration, and temperature to determine the suggested type of gasket, connection, and reinforcement. In this way, you can obtain the best type of Horizontal Tank according to your needs and you will have your products stored in the best way and for a longer time.

What are the benefits of purchasing Horizontal Storage Tanks?

In addition to being suitable for a wide range of different substances, the Horizontal Tank also has other benefits:

  • They have different types of reinforcement: standard, reinforced, and double reinforced depending on the substance to be stored. The denser the substance, the more reinforcement is needed.
  • Easy to transport due to its lightness and its breakwater system that maintains the stability of the content.
  • They have the capacity to store from 1,000 to 5,000 liters.
  • Made with 100% virgin high-density polyethylene, in one piece.
  • Horizontal Tanks not rust or corrode.
  • Tanks do not alter the physical and chemical properties of the stored product.
  • Horizontal Tanks are do not require high maintenance.
  • They are resistant to shocks and extreme climates.
  • They have a food grade certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

So that your Horizontal Tank has a better performance and a longer useful life. We advise you to clean its walls once a year. Just make sure to keep it closed to prevent the entry of bacteria or contaminants that can alter the substances you have stored.

Calculation of water storage proportions in reserve tank and pumping.

Before making the calculation for the water supply in a Building, you must take into account the following considerations:

  • It is essential for the approval of the sanitary installation of a Horizontal Property or Building, that the Reserve and Pumping tanks have IRAM 13.417: 2014 certification “Polyethylene Tanks for Drinking Water storage”
  • In the case of the replacement of an old concrete tank due to breakage, loss of tightness, deterioration or cleanliness; You can use the base of it to place the new Reserve tanks.
  • It is convenient that the water in the Reserve Tanks be divided to facilitate cleaning and not leave the building without water while it is being carried out.
  • All tanks to contain large volumes of water must rest on a flat, smooth and continuous surface greater than the diameter or support surface.
  • It is recommended that the outlet flange of the Reserve Tank or Tower Tank be a 3 or 4 ”reinforced flange that must be placed only and exclusively in the flange marking sectors. The outlet pipe to the flange connection should never have vibrations since they can create cracks in the perimeter of the flange.
  • Every Reserve and Pumping tank must have an extra smooth inner layer with an antibacterial additive that prevents the fixation and proliferation of bacteria inside it.
  • The outer layer of the reserve tank must have UV8 or higher additives to prevent degradation of the polyethylene in its exposure to the sun and rain.

Calculation of water per functional unit of a building

To begin you must know the number of functional units of the construction. Then, an average of 600 liters of water supply per unit is calculate.

Thus, a 6-apartment building will need 3,600 liters and a 2-apartment building will need a 1,200-liter tank.

This total of liters can be divided between the pumping tank and the reserve tank. Thus, for the case that requires 3,600 liters, it will be possible to install a vertical chemical storage tanks of 1,000 liters and two reserve tanks of 1,500 liters each, adding a total of 4,000 liters.

Likewise, it is possible to calculate an estimate of water consumption for home or calculate extra water consumption by means of the table above.

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