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What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying in the UK

Studying abroad widens your horizons and opens the avenues of a rewarding international career. Studying in the UK is becoming highly popular with the emergence of companies that rule the modern business world as well. While it might seem more of a challenge at the first sight, it actually prepares you for the rest of your life in a beautiful and exciting way. You learn to respect different cultures and get exposed to a certainly rewarding and innovative education pattern that might or might not differ from your home country.

The United Kingdom is one of the most famous countries in the world when it comes to study abroad programs and provides world-class education. There are many educational institutes of repute and the campus culture is highly engaging. If you are also planning to study abroad and are looking for options, then we recommend taking a thorough read of the following post and find out all the advantages and disadvantages of studying in the UK. This will help them in making the final choice.

Further, we recommend consulting some reputed study abroad consultants in Kerala that can guide you regarding all the steps and also help you in countless other ways, such as applications, recommendations, exams, enlisting for various programs and scholarships etc. They can offer the best assistance to plan your journey and also help you find some people from your home nation as well. Now, take a thorough read of the post.

Advantages of studying in the UK

Course duration

One of the biggest advantages offered by the universities in the UK is that the course duration is shorter as compared to the other parts of the world. The courses that take 4 years or, in some cases, even more, can be completed in less than three years or three years. This is an obvious advantage for the international students who have to bear a lot of additional costs, such as accommodation, fees etc. Also, the faster you complete a course, the faster you get the opportunity to grab a job and start earning.

Safe environment

The UK is a safe and secure country and this is one of the major reasons that international students opt for it as a study abroad destination. The universities and colleges have a multicultural setup and students from different ethnicities and nationalities study there. Once you get to study and learn in such an environment, you end up with friends all over the world.

Education System

The UK has some of the most prestigious education systems and the entire study period is quite disciplined. You cannot sleep through the classes or pass the exams with just last night’s fight. You have to be alert, attentive, eager to learn and earn the credits to accumulate a good final score.

Top notch facilities

Universities in the UK boast of top QS rankings and it goes without saying that the infrastructure, labs, libraries, and other such resources are top notch. Even as doctoral or pos-doctoral fellows, you will be working under some of the most celebrated names on the globe, while using some of the best equipment.


The UK offers multiple scenic travel options and destinations that can be explored on a shoestring budget. In fact, every year, hundreds of students travel on savings they accumulated by working part-time jobs as well. Every place offers something new and exciting and there are countless options for adventure seekers as well.

Disadvantages of studying in the UK

Now that we have covered the advantages, let us move on to learn about the disadvantages of studying in the UK. While they are not that restricted or compelling in nature, some students might find them an important factor for choosing the final destination for study abroad programs.


The UK has unpredictable weather. There are long spells of cold and rain and many students from sunny countries might find it hard to adjust to them. The snowfall makes winters even more biting. On the other hand, the winter season and rainy season also make the surroundings more beautiful and there is a spell of warm summers as well.

Early career decisions

One of the major constraints that international students find in relation to the UK is that they have to make early career decisions. As the course duration is short, you cannot keep on changing majors between the terms just to find your true calling.

You have to choose a domain and then pursue it wholeheartedly as the courses are rigorous and competition is intense.


When you migrate to the UK as an international student, you have to deal with a mountain of paperwork that includes many extra things as compared to the paperwork for other countries. You require a letter from the college or university to open a bank account and you have to register yourself with a local doctor. Some other documents might vary from one university to another as well.

This completes our discussion, from which we can conclude that the UK offers a highly practical and engaging educational experience for international students. Also, the list of disadvantages is not that compelling and the advantages take the limelight. Hence, you can opt for studying in the UK without any doubt.

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