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Higher work pressure is becoming an attribute of today’s corporate world! The competition in every field has increased a lot. 

It has been seen in recent years that one source of income can’t guarantee the luxuries of life to you!

In the light of a satisfactory life, people are struggling day and night. Well, it is doubtful whether they achieve something or not, but one thing is for sure, they lose their health! It has led to many lifestyle diseases. 

Many organizations have become aware of this fact. Hence the companies all across the globe are providing free health packages to their employees. This includes free tests and free medications!

Even in this pandemic, many companies in Nairobi have facilitated their employees to get RT-PCR TESTING IN NAIROBI

Now, the word “health” is itself very complicated!

People believe being healthy means being physically healthy. But that’s not true!

Going by the definition, health is not constrained to physical well-being only. It is also connected with social, mental, economic, and spiritual well-being. 

What does it mean?


 It means if a person is claiming to be healthy, he needs to be physically, socially, and mentally well too. 

Look, humans are a “social animal”. Humans should know how to communicate. 

He should be in a state of good mental health.  

The person should have control over feelings too.

Now when we know the actual meaning of health, let us discuss lifestyle disease.

Statistics have shown that the cases of lifestyle diseases have increased significantly over the years. 

This increasing trend is a direct indicator of increased personal and corporate pressures. There are many challenges which a person has to face while at home or office.

 Sometimes when the person is not able to cope with it, it turns into a lifestyle disease. 



 In simple words, the diseases which one catches due to poor lifestyle are lifestyle diseases.

 Let’s say the person is lazy and doesn’t go for exercise at all. In this case, the person may fall into the clutches of obesity.

For instance, the person is suffering from some trauma; he is more likely to fall in the clutches of short-term depression!

There is another important question.

 Is there some way to cure lifestyle diseases?


Well, the answer lies inside the meaning of lifestyle disease. We have discussed that these diseases appear due to poor lifestyles. 

Here comes the answer. If you eliminate the cause, the disease will automatically be eliminated. For instance, let us say the person is suffering from obesity as he is lazy. 

Now the best way to cure obesity here is to start working out. One may find interesting ways to indulge in physical activities and get a good fitness level. 

Now, when we have the basic idea, let us discuss specifically, what various lifestyle diseases are and how to cure lifestyle diseases. 





Statistics have shown that the causes of diabetes are increasing worldwide.

 The data shows that the majority of the population doesn’t even know that they are suffering from diabetes. This is one of the most detected lifestyle diseases in the world.

 Well, what diabetes is?

 It is a condition when the body is not able to make enough insulin. In another case, the body may become reluctant to absorb the insulin. 

This situation leads to a deficiency in insulin level which controls the blood sugar level. 

Well, the question is why does this happen? 

There are many reasons. Genetics is also a reason. But the poor lifestyle is the most common reason. 

People consuming excess sugar-like content are prone to this disease. Poor mental health also leads to this disease. 

Experts believe with a healthy diet it can be controlled. But there are various stages here. This is possible only with early treatment. Otherwise, a person has to go with the medicines. 

This is a co-mobility in the covid-19 virus. So, make sure you get the regular RT-PCR TEST IN KENYA done or a place wherever you live. This way you can fight both pandemic and Lifestyle diseases effectively. 


Hypertension is another type of lifestyle disease. 

The reason for this is also the poor lifestyle. Excessive pressure on the mind is also the reason here. There are two types of hypertension. One on the initial grounds, this can be controlled with the proper diet.

 This can also be controlled by managing things well and reducing the stress on the mind. 

In the second stage when this disease is not cured for a long time, there is a need for medication.

 Well, experts believe if one can detect hypertension in the early stages, it is an acute disease. But if it remains undetected, it may lead to the need for lifetime medications. 

Experts believe the art of yoga can also help to improve the condition in this case. Yoga is seen as an effective way to cure lifestyle diseases. 


This lifestyle disease can occur due to many reasons! But poor lifestyle is a prominent reason. 

For instance, if the person is working in the suffocating area for a long time, this disease may catch the person.

 Take another case if the person is sensitive to some smell and he is to smell it repetitively, even in this case the disease may arise.

Experts believe that it can be cured if in the early stages. 

Otherwise, the person may depend on the medications for the rest of their life. The simple solution may be to get the cause of the disease eradicated in every case. 


It is both true and unfortunate that the majority of people at some point in their life face this problem. 

Like all other lifestyle diseases, the reason here is also the poor lifestyle. Experts believe the increased level of competition is also a reason for this. Everyone wants to excel in their life.

 People make efforts, but on getting unsuccessful they get depressed. This issue can be short-term also. 

But it has been seen that this is a chronic disease. People suffering from this disease feel mentally unstable. This can be cured in the early stages but needs to be identified at first.

People all around the world don’t talk much about the issue. But still, this is gaining popularity amongst the youngsters these days. This issue can be solved if detected in the early stages.

 The person should meditate and should try to eliminate the factor which is disturbing him. 

One should take a break and should change their mindset to positive.  These are the simple ways in which you can improve your mental health. This is a lifestyle disease and can be cured with a positive lifestyle. 


There can be many reasons for obesity. This may occur due to some previous medical condition too. 

On the grounds of the lifestyle, this may arise due to a poor lifestyle. For instance, a person is having an office job; he may fall into the clutches of this disease. 

This disease is very common in small children due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

Well, the simple solution here is to switch to a good diet. 

The plate with the healthy meal will do the work for you. You should start exercising and should increase your physical activity. This will do the job for you!

This way you can fight this lifestyle disease. 



The conclusion here is that lifestyle diseases arise due to poor lifestyles. 

This can be cured by making the necessary changes in the lifestyle. 

One needs to find the agents which are responsible for the disease. Then one should try to eliminate them. 

Especially in this pandemic, it has been seen that the people who are suffering from these lifestyle diseases are in the risk zone.

So, make sure you  live a healthy life and cure lifestyle diseases.

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