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What are Licensed Slot Machines

Online slots are more popular than they’ve ever been. At first, most online slots were not operating legally, so there was a higher chance that players would lose money. 

To make online gambling legal, the developers of slots, especially branded ones, were eventually forced to get a license. This article is about licensed pay by phone slots and whether or not you should play them.

What Is a Licensed Slot?

Slots based on a well-known movie, band or other are called “branded slots.” If a developer wants to make a slot game with one of these well-known themes, they need to get a formal licence from the owner. When these slots finally come out, they will be called licenced slots. 

In the online gaming market, licenced slots have formed a distinct sub-category because of the popular themes they are based on. But how can you tell if these slot machines are right for you? Let’s find out by looking at the pros and cons of licenced slots. 

Licensed or branded slots give you all the fun you’d expect from a good slot game, but the theme is based on your favourite celebrities, movie, music band, etc. As you move through the game, these slots make you feel like you’re a part of the theme. Also, their payouts are great, which is a must if they want to maintain a good reputation for their branded theme. 

The biggest problem with licenced slots is that they can be taken off the market as quickly as they came on. Since the themes of these slots were already used by someone else to make a work of art, they have serious copyright issues. If the owner of a theme doesn’t want their work to be used as a slot theme, they can make any licence invalid, even if the slot has been up and running successfully. If you’re used to only playing branded slots, this setback can mess up your slot-playing experience. 

Besides considering the pros and cons of each slot, you can also read reviews of each one online. If a licenced slot is worth your time, you will hear many good things about it from other people.

Licensed Slot Games: Pros and Cons

There are a few advantages and disadvantages to having a licence to release a fully branded slot. However, there have been instances when a slot game had to be withdrawn because someone holding the copyright of the game took offence at the slot or gambling in general. 

One of these slots was the Lord of the Rings slot game, which was made and released by Microgaming. Even though Microgaming had permission to use the Lord of the Rings theme, the Tolkien family decided a while after the game came out that they didn’t want any kind of slot machine to use the Lord of the Rings theme or any of its defining features. The slot then disappeared from all online casinos where it had been before. 

Many individuals, however, are glad to see slot games developed based on themes they have created or even around themselves. Take the Osbourne family, which includes rock superstar Ozzy Osbourne, and his TV talents show panel renowned wife, Sharon. They were happy to see a slot game introduced by Microgaming displaying pictures of themselves, their son Jack and one of their daughters Kelly and event. 

Such slots based on famous people will keep those people in the public eye for a long time, even after death. For example, you can still find various Elvis-themed slot games in many land-based and online casinos.


Licensed slots are here to make a name for themselves in the online slots industry, just like the brands they are based on. You can learn much about your favourite celebrity or any well-known brand that made you choose that slot.

So, choose a licenced slot with your heart and give it your best shot. But it would help if you always double-checked the payout percentage of these slots, as some branded slots can have bad payouts that can ruin your time at an online casino. Keep an eye out, and remember to have fun when playing slots.

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