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Web design: what it is, what it is for and how to do it

Web design literally means designing websites, developing a project on the web aimed at communicating content to the user. This definition leaves some time, you find out if you do not want to investigate the skills involved in a web design job. If you do not take care of the characteristics of a web interface, if you do not provide everything. When we do web design, you need to pay attention to the expectations of those who use a website. Therefore, the user is the recipient of the web designer’s work.

Web design: web design and creation

Being interested in website design means involving different web professionals. The Italian branch of IWA / HWG, the international association of web professionals. States that to date there are 24 European ICT professional profiles. Third generation: among them, there are several that belong to the field of web design Oxnard, from user experience designer to front-end web developer, to information architect.

Backend vs frontend, development vs design, UI vs UX

Today, the boundaries between roles that were once different when working online have become more fluid. Programmers and web interface developers continue to perform different tasks. But they often use the same language so much that they often confuse the maps with the tasks assigned to them.

Those who work mainly in the backend, that is, behind a website, are mainly the programmer, a developer, with hands “under the hood”, on servers and databases, an expert in programming languages such as PHP or ASP by name only. the most famous.

The frontend management, what the user of a website sees. Is rather the exclusive privilege of the designer, in this case the web designer. Who is in charge of creating the graphics, applying them on the web and making them accessible. For all the surfer’s needs. And here are the difficulties due to different operating systems, browsers, devices, sizes and behaviors. Checkout find out more details.

Hic sunt Leones: user interface and user experience, UI (User Interface) and UX (User eXperience). UX design is about understanding what choices the user makes on a site and how they will respond to each of them so that those who design the interface allow for a satisfying experience.

The design of the user interface is rather the translation into a specific action technology that allows the human being to identify with a multimedia product thanks to the intervention of those who create the website. UX and UI designs should not be confused. They represent two different moments in the production of an interface, but they are also two areas that work together to define the relationship that the user will have with the web product.

In summary, assuming the role of user interface designer, the web designer should pay attention to:

  • Style and Interface so that they communicate well with each other when communicating a content message to the target audience;
  • Color Scheme, which is clear and guides the user without confusing him in the right direction
  • Immediately Recognizable Structure of The Site, so that in seconds, as a visitor spends on the project, they Immediately Understand what to do or where to click.

The most important way for good UI design is to remember to be a user before you are a web designer. If an interface designer takes two seconds to target their click, an average user will travel before doing so. Understand what to do.

When performing UX design actions, the web designer should consider instead:

  • Simplicity and immediacy of navigation, optimizing the usability of the product;
  • User orientation, avoid getting lost, provide visual guides to channel the experience
  • Direct visitor clicks quickly and without delay to the goal.

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Also, never ignore the standards: if a button is not in the shape of a button, a player does not have a triangle, a link does not differ from the rest of the content, the user does not click. The web designer failed. Fortunately, the big players have been thinking for some time about how not to make serious mistakes. One of them is Google with its material design, which we will see shortly.

Determine that the user interface is under the responsibility of the web designer and that the developer’s UX would be simplified and does not correspond to reality. The optimal web product is the result of the many capacities of the different possible human interactions. Web agencies have no doubts that one professional figure was enough to determine the success of a web product.

For final confirmation, just look at any job posting in the industry: more and more people looking for a professional in website design and implementation are asking for a capable person. to perform both web development and web design. weather. time – when it’s okay. ; Too often, community manager, account manager, analyst, SEO expert and application developer skills are also needed; offers that will never be answered. Also because a computer engineer or an architect, a systems engineer or a graphic designer. At this stage is in itself for exclusive professionals for a web project that wants to have a wide reach in an increasingly diverse market.

As Wikipedia reports, “The web designer is a fusion of the UX designer and the UI designer. So, it is the figure at the center of the production chain of a web agency. The one who (under the direction of the director artistic) conceives the design of projects, understood not only in its simple aesthetic. But also in a functional and emotional way ”. Which is why this profession is consolidated as one of the most demanded on the market.

More web design for everyone

Maybe not everyone knows this, but a bit of web design considering what has been analyzed so far. There are sort of a lot of users who are putting it into practice. Who is active and who is testing, we are all little designers on the web today. Especially if we look at website creation from the perspective that a web designer projects. Making the internet more beautiful every day, a small contribution to making the internet better.

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