VoiceThread technology; a successful tool of Asynchronous learning

VoiceThread technology is intended to encourage collective information creation by enabling students to literally share their voices and express their opinions regardless of capacity. Instructors may use VoiceThread to download, exchange, and discuss documents, presentations, photographs, audio, and videos. Students and teachers will take notes and mark the content provided with annotation tools. Teachers and students can easily comment on the material using VoiceThread.VoiceThread technology may be used in various ways, including voice (microphone or telephone), email, an audio file, or video (by webcam). One of the primary benefits of VoiceThread is its adaptability. Icademy Middle East, also known as American International School Dubai, provides KG1-G12 students with a U.S. curriculum with its values and divisions. One of the best online high schools in Dubai that are completely accredited both nationally and internationally.

American School of Dubai:

The American School of Dubai, iCademy in the Middle East, allows students to stay up late and explore new options. Our students attend every iCademy event in the Middle East as members of our larger iCademy group. Our flourishing digital curriculum allows students to learn at any time and in any place. Customized learning is now possible anywhere and at any time, thanks to modern technology.VoiceThread allows you to create shared slideshows in which students can comment on each slide. Diapositives may be sound recordings, webcam images, or photos. This approach is especially useful for generating and maintaining media discussions. VoiceThread technology can be used in the world language classroom to illustrate and reflect on visual culture and construct presentations that can serve as the basis for students’ questions and answers.VoiceThread is a great platform for offering a range of asynchronous icebreakers.

That provides students with the opportunity to present themselves in a comfortable, committed, unthreatening manner. When drawing on this static image, the students record a short video. VoiceThread (VT), an asynchronous forum for communication using VT to carry out tasks, learn the material of courses and engage classmates. Students conducted an online VT survey and found VT to help students communicate with fellow students and teachers, understand the courses’ content, and increase presentational skills. Implications for VT are addressed to help you learn in online courses. VoiceThread fosters a sense of community in online learning environments. It is a tool that is ideal for enriching online course discussions for students who want individualized learning experiences while still participating in a community. VoiceThread has also been shown to be efficient in rather than other tools.


The technology VoiceThread allows students to record and teachers to evaluate presentations on their schedules. Valuable class time is needed for live presentations. It may take weeks to complete them even though teachers assign group presentations. That suggests that most students consume knowledge passively instead of studying new concepts actively. These ideas are central to the flipped class’s increasing success but are true for any modern educator.VoiceThread allows us to improve and simplify presentations simultaneously. That’s async, which is why VoiceThread delivers better output than real-time tools.

The benefits of VoiceThread include:

Student-driven discussion:

The discussion comes from students themselves, and thus students tend to get further into the discussion. Talk about a broader range of issues is freer and more accessible.

A growing lecture:

Discussion in a conventional online forum is never left. The class is archived, and forums for debate are cleanly wiped out in the following community, thereby losing the insights. But as discussed in VoiceThread is connected to the lecture itself, which can be used for the next lesson. Students add themselves to the lecture itself. Students help in a continuous discussion of potential classes.

Enhanced presence in social structure:

Students find that seeing and hearing their teacher and peers increases other people’s social presence in the classroom. better to understand Students can better understand the complexities of conversation by listening to the sound of a speech

VoiceThreads technology is a successful platform for students to provide projects and reviews. Students may also build VoiceThreads with their peer comments as presentational resources. VoiceThreads can be edited and thus provide students with multimedia narratives over the whole term.

Other helpful features VoiceThread technology

The Voicethread Identities tool (no video, text descriptions only) can make language education particularly interesting. Students can build various identities inside their Voicethread accounts, allowing them to play a fun role in their Voicethread room. Meanwhile, the Activity Feed from Voicethread allows you to display any activity at a glance with time stamps and identity markers (again, a text and not a video). However, perhaps the most remarkable feature of Voicethread is its dedication to accessibility. Every teacher should study the complete summary of how different needs have been met: VoiceThread is intended for use with any laptop, webcam, or internet connection, regardless of the type.

Voicethreads have also been created for screen reader usability. The Language Center supports you in compliance with Harvard and ADA policies and the accessibility needs of your students, and we are very happy to have educational instruments like this that emphasize accessibility. If you have any questions, communicate with us at Icademy Middle East for further details.



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