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Voice Search – The Future Of SEO

Voice Search – The Future Of SEO

Voice Search essentially means using your voice to search for something on the internet. Technology has received a humongous leap when we think about what we have done with voice assistants like Google, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa by joining the best of highly developed AI. Voice Search – The Future Of SEO

Voice Search has simply grabbed a large part of the search market, is still growing, and is predicted to have 50% of all searches on the internet by the end of 2021. Isn’t that grand?

For the SEO peeps, yeah!

SEO experts all over the world are attempting to get into the play by optimizing websites for voice search. But the beginning, we need to have attention to some of the use cases when it comes to using voice for search on your smartphone or any different device for that topic:

  • Found something unusual? Search for a quick fact.
  • How’s the weather now?
  • Feel like grooving to your favorite playlist? Simply ask for it!
  • Want to be a faithful citizen? Ride carefully and ask for directions while not taking hands off the wheel.
  • Desire to check on your loved ones? Just ask to do a phone call.

How does it affect SEO Rankings?

The primary and leading thing which we should take into thought is that it would drastically better the user experience. Since it is quite quicker than traditional methods of searching for a particular doubt which is one of the central reasons why it is extremely utilized. Voice Search – The Future Of SEO

Also, the motto of SEO is to rank websites ideally so that. Users can find the most useful information for their search inquiries in a very well-defined and quick way. That’s why user experience is held to be at the front line of SEO.

Do note that voice search SEO and traditional SEO are distinct. So, some circumstances that affect SEO rankings may or may not have the same result on voice search, and also vice versa.

If you are thinking to inculcate a voice search SEO strategy, here are some suggestions to balance it out with your old SEO strategy –

1.Identifying the meaning of the search:

We should understand why the user is searching for a particular keyword. And what’s the end goal that they want to get out of this particular search. Most people use voice search for places which tells us that we need to get ourselves placed on Google My Business so that they are informed of our location. Regional directory listings also shouldn’t be missed out.

2.The website should be well optimized to available quickly:

Considering the perspective of the benefit of voice search, we get to know that most people would favor it because they are doing something else and wouldn’t desire to waste time in typing a search query. They are in a hurry and so we don’t want them to wait for our website to load. Also, Google prefers websites that load instantly better than others hence, a method to advance yourself up to the top spot.

3.Choose keywords based on how you would certainly talk:

People aren’t going to type the search query in a decent phrased way all the time. Instead, they would type what appears to their mind at that moment. If people are using questions, it will help you as it starts up the opportunity to add question phrases into your content. So, if you have some complex/detailed information, start dividing it down into as many questions as you can for getting it easy for the audience to learn and relate.

4.Keep regional searches as the focal point:

If you haven’t optimized your website for regional search, then there are chances that you may suffer quite a bit of likely audience as people generally use the “near me” as a term for discovering the regional restaurants, medical shops, etc. Also, acuminating on your location helps to give a lift to your ranking position against the competition.

5.Optimize your website to be user-friendly and mobile-friendly:

When we talk about comfort, smartphones are the most convenient of them all. I’m not speaking about the flagship smartphones which have got the role of computers with their SoCs touching speeds of up to a massive 3.1 GHz with the most advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G platform, but the below segment which has Google Voice Assistant at hand! With technology, service has been made available to everyone which is why your website should experience that change too.


You wouldn’t need many keywords to play with for voice search questions which means minor and simpler SEO. It is still booming and it will proceed to grow in popularity with teenagers being the larger part of the audience to use it daily. Just like we know how voice search will have 50% of all searches on the internet by the end of 2021, by 2022, voice-based purchasing is expected to reach $40 billion. Voice search is the most simple way to search. Also, the algorithms have helped in getting the natural intent of the consumers. Due to this, searching on the internet is getting more like day by day to the natural way in which human beings interact. It is going to be a trend which opens the way for us to be a first adopter.


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