Use 5 amazing facts to improve the Netgear AX1800 wifi signal

The Netgear Ax1800 as far as I know is really an amazing wifi networking device. It especially uses the MU-MIMO technology to improve the wifi network signal. The Netgear wifi router is easily compatible with Alexa, Echo, and other devices. This device controls your wifi network using voice encryption technology. To make a voice command you change the setting and make the voice command. The IP address of this device is usually used to access the login page.

You can enter this IP address in the web browser addressing bar and search it. After searching this the wen login box automatically pops up on the PC screen. Fill in login credentials in it and complete the process. The amazing fact is that it delivers both 2.4GHz and5GHZ band technology into your devices according to your choice. If you want to use a 5GHz band technology then you change the setting and access the high-speed wifi network between your devices.

5 amazing facts to improve the Netgear AX1800 wifi signal

The Netgear AX1800 wifi router transmits the wifi network throughout a whole home. You can also use this device very easily because the installation process of this device is very easy. After this, to maintain the wifi network speed you can follow the below instruction.

1. Choose a perfect location:

If you want to improve your router wifi network speed then you choose a perfect location for it. You have to also ensure that the wifi networking areas are not too hot or without airy. You can change your router location if it is kept in hot areas. Because that area damages your router and decreases the wifi network speed. Move your router into a perfect locating area that is fully airy, and ventilating. Then, you install it here again and get a wifi signal with better network signal strength.

2. Proper arrangement of antennas:

After choosing the perfect location, you can also be sure that the network signal catching antennas are properly set up or not. It is not arranged properly then you arrange the antennas. Because the Netgear router antennas are the most important part of your device which is helpful to provide the network. It is catching wifi and provides a wifi network through its smart and powerful antennas. Just, you have to set the antennas and improve the network signal.

3. Make the strongest network connection with networking cable:

You can also make the strongest and fastest network through the Ethernet cables. After completing the Netgear device initial configuration, you put the cables into the router LAN port. After this, also connect all the cables with your device and access the wired network connection between your devices. If your network connection is too slow, then you use the network cable network connection. It surely makes your network connection too strong in comparison to the previous.

4. Proper setup for Netgear AX1800:

You can also make your network connection very strong and improve the signal through the proper setup. After the initial setup, launch a web browser and also connect your device with the internet. Then, connect the wifi network to your device using the security password. After that, you directly go into the Netgear AX1800 setup page. Change the wireless network settings accordingly. You can especially change the setting through your wireless setting. Because the wireless setting is helpful to improving the network signal. You can change the band setting such as the 2.4GHz band to the 5GHz band. Because the 5GHz band technology delivers the fastest network. After changing the setting, click on the “Ok” option. Now, whether the signal strength improves or not.

5. Reset Netgear AX1800 after a specific time:

To improve the Netgear signal strength you can also use one more way to maintain the signal speed. You have to reset your device after a specific time. Because every networking device gives its better throughput, performance and without any issues after resetting it. So, you also need to reset your device. If you want to reset your device, you turn off your device first and then again turn it on. After turning on the power, using any object press the reset button to reset it. The reset process is mainly continuously starting up for three seconds and then leaving it. Afterward, you can again use your device with a proper and improving network signal strength.

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