UK or USA: most suitable option for you

Education is a mere aspect of teaching a person and aware of him/her of the most intellectual scenarios. So their outcomes eventually leading them to shape the world into more plausible architecture. Every parent concerns about how to educate their children and make better version themselves to lead the world? Which schools, colleges or university to choose from? Whether to study abroad or stick with your country to resume further education? For that parent or even student they mainly deliberate over study abroad, options for their a person’s better future and mostly go for either study in UK or study in USA.

Both options are regarded as most preferred countries to pursue education or even for traveling purpose. So let’s figure out what’s so appealing about them both and making it easier for you to choose one.

Educational terms and conditions for UK and USA:

College begins at the age of 16 in the UK, when students choose their respective field of study. Wherein, college life in the USA begins at 18 in which they choose their field of study.

Usually, Academic terms in the USA starts at the end of August in most universities while liberal arts colleges commence later. Howbeit, winter break at most universities having different curriculums, such as a trimester or quarter-based system, starts at the end of November.

The UK is a bit more varied in terms of academic terms. Semester system, the trimester and quarter systems are used in some universities. Whereas academic term starts in September or October and ends in May or June in some schools. The academic year in the UK is slightly longer than that of the USA which might depend on the institution’s calendar.

Homework and grades:

In the USA, courses clamor for weekly or even bi weekly readings as well as other assignments. Throughout the course, you are assigned to major research papers and oral presentations. Your performance in a variety of assignments will dictate your grades.

However, most schools are more lecture-based, with occasional assignments throughout the semester in the UK. In some cases, there may be no actual required assignments and instead, your entire grade may be based on one final exam. 

Expenditure in UK and USA:

The cost of education in the UK and USA are slightly higher. In comparison, the USA is far more expensive than in the UK. 

Universities in England may charge up to £9000/per year in accordance with a law passed in 2012. This rule applies to everyone except for international students. Even worse the fees are higher than that. $3000 per year is the estimated fee for two-year institutions while for the 4-year institution it is around $29000/year. Lastly, loans are available in banks to students cover their fees.


Both countries, there are residence halls to live for students. In UK, you can have your own bedroom. While you have to share your bedroom with at least one recipient in the USA.

In the US universities provide it is also more common for dormitories to be self-catered in the UK, while the US normally provides a range of full dining you with the variety of options to choose food from. However in the UK, options for its students. The one potentially significant difference is that maid service is common in the residence halls in the UK, although students pay a nominal fee for this service while in the UK the dormitories have to cater themselves.


The sites in both of the countries are beautiful. Since cultural diversity is practiced in UK and USA therefore you can easily venture out to the famous cities and adventures. 

Either you choose UK or USA, we’ve described their curriculum in so much detail for your better understanding also if you’re still confused check out education consultants in Pakistan for more briefing to vent out your doubts. 

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