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Types of explainer videos – Which one to use?

Types of Explainer Videos

With the tutorials and learning all over the internet, there are several media that are used to convey an explanation in the easiest way. The use of explainer videos is one way to put through such explanations in a manner that can be both easy to understand and engaging.

The richness of explainer content on the internet makes it really difficult for brands and services to choose which type of explainer video to use.

Whether it is 2D animation or the use of infographics within the video, each type of video has its own essence.

In order to make it more understandable, we can broadly classify the types of explainer videos into two classes:

1. Based on How they Look:

This class can be further subdivided into 8 sub-classes based on convenience and relevancy to the main subdivision. They are:

  • 2D Character Animation

A storyline can be woven into the content using characters that can be brought into life via animation to engage audiences.

  • Motion Graphics:

Motion graphics is a visual media that uses animation as its principle. The only difference is, infographics are a form of communication, while motion graphics is a medium.

  • Infographics:

To present a larger chunk of information in a systematic and easy-to-read manner, infographics can be used to highlight the relevant information.

  • Whiteboard Animation:

animation is one of the simplest types of explainer videos in which a marker is used to draw or write down points of importance.

  • Kinetic Topography Explainer

This includes text moving throughout the background in engaging fonts and transitions to draft the message in a creative way.

  • Live-Action:

It’s basically a type of cinematography or videography that’s created by compiling photos instead of animation. This is one of the modern trends in the video industry. These Live-action videos are mainly used to depict a film or video games or the likes.

  • Stop Motion Videos:

videos are made by compiling and fast playing of numerous individually photographed frames, making it look an independent motion when played back as slow sequence or fast sequence. In this technique,

a single object is physically manipulated in small increments while being photographed in individual frames.

  • Screencast videos:

They can also be called Screen recording or Screen Capture. Unlike Screenshots, they aren’t still photographs of your computer or mobile screen but a recording of what all is going on your screen along with all the audio narration going on besides video.

2. Based on the purpose:

Depending on the purpose of the video, target audience, and reasons, this category can be further subdivided into 5 categories, viz:

  • Hybrid Video:

A combination of these types can also be used in assistance with one another to come up with a hybrid explainer video.

  • Product featured videos:

Featuring 360 views, close-up view, and dissected view of products and explaining their individual features. It can also be a video showing the benefits of a product in different styles above and below. If yours is a product featured video, you might not want to go into too much information. You can choose 2D animation along with some storyline weaved in to introduce your product.

  • Corporate Videos:

A business or corporate explainer video or just corporate video will have a completely different setup and tone.

It will be made using a professional tone, statistical evidence. Here the use of infographics will be appropriate as more key points can be necessary to mention.

  • Educational Videos:

These Videos can be of different types based on whom to educate through the videos, for example, educating teachers, students, common people, or what. Educational Videos are generally longer in duration and have pinpoint details discussed throughout the video. It can be about a particular thing or an event or incident or a chapter.

  • Facebook Video Ads:

Facebook Ad videos are generally promotional and relatively shorter in length. They talk specifically about a product or service and its explanation in a promotional tone. Here is a video production company & graphic designing company that you can do to understand which among the different types of explainer videos you should use:


Thus, your creativity in the field of explainer videos lies in how you can draft the most convincing and engaging explanation for your intended viewer. It can always be a great idea to keep it as simple as possible and easy to understand. A simple and attractive video can help convey what you desire in the best explainer video. Engage your audience and converse through your message so we don’t just produce video we craft them


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