Types of Banners and Posters

Posters and banners are the traditional ways and as reliable as before to promote or market a product or a service. You can print them on different materials. They vary in size and style for different purposes. You can use poster design software or banner design tool to create different designs for different purposes. Now that you can create the best creation that suits your purpose, you will first need to know the options available for the same right.

So here are the basic types of banners and posters used both indoor and outdoor.

Types of Banners

  • Paper Banner Printing

Paper prints are primarily made for indoor use only. They enhance the colors, making them an ideal choice for using it at exhibitions or trade shows.

  • Vinyl Banner Printing

Vinyl banners suit both indoor and outdoor use. You can print them on 13 oz—scrim vinyl. The vinyl banners are 16 feet by 50 feet without seams. They are lightweight but, at the same time, durable too. Their availability is both single and double-sided.

  • Mesh Banners

You can print mesh banners digitally on 10 oz. scrim vinyl, with crisscrossed breathable fibers. Such posters are suitable for outdoor use and resistant to wind. They consist of small holes that allow the wind to pass through them. This saves banners from getting torn. They can be anywhere between 16 feet by 50 feet without seams.

  • Polyester Fabric Banners

Polyester fabric banners suit indoor and outdoor use. They are made with the direct dye sublimation printing process. This makes the ink go through the fabric and not just stay on its surface. It results in bright-looking prints.

Types of Posters

  • Typography Posters

This is Ideal for any niche, which makes it the top choice of the world’s best brands. Imagine even a plain background with classic fonts in bold! Doesn’t it look sleek and appealing? And you can always combine typography styles with extravagant graphics to get that modernized feel.

  • Informational Posters

You might have heard about basic ad posters. These are infomercial posters- a poster with information. You use them when you want to represent a product or a service that needs the attention of the targeted audience.

  • Formative Posters

Formative posters are for spreading awareness. Whether for a business, product, or service, they come as the best option to circulate brand awareness among the audience. Here, you can concentrate on ‘why should people prefer your brand’ rather than appealing to them to buy any products.

  • Event Posters

As the name suggests already, you can use event posters to announce or market any upcoming events- it can be a formal or public event. Here, you don’t need to follow any constraints. Just apply your imagination to make it as creative & unique as you want to.

  • Infographic Posters

Traditionally made as education infographic posters for academic purposes, we can now see infographic posters created for multiple uses, like the government creating these Banner for educating the public regarding the use of masks & sanitizers. In short, it’s all about sharing valuable information through graphics.

  • Sale & Discount Posters

These Banner are best to promote your ongoing or upcoming sales and attract customers. Even big brands target the local market with discount poster templates.

  • Entertainment Banners

These Banners consist of artistic effects and reflecting pop-art feels. Entertainment Banner are for user-engagement purposes.

  • Affirmative or Motivational Posters

These are one of those promotional tactics that spread positivity too. They are among the most successful marketing strategies. These Banner focus on bringing positive thoughts into the reader’s mind.

It would be fair to say that posters and banners will still stay for decades as a trend. More artistic and sleek styles are awaiting us, so why wait for those trends when creating one? Banner design tool can help you with everything- designing new trends or following one.

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