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Twitter Moments| See How It Works

Moments on Twitter square measure an inventory of your or different users’ tweets that you simply will save to your profile.

You can blackguard Twitter stories with Twitter Moments that you simply cannot do on the app’s timeline. It is a couple of current downsides or a subject matter which will be updated over time.


Why Produce TWITTER MOMENTS Within The Initial PLACE?

If you are not convinced regarding the advantages of as well as Twitter moments in your skilled or company profile, think about the following:


A supply of data

For each, the author and therefore the reader, making a thread of tweets on a subject matter is a touch frustrating every now and then. You can produce tweets around a story with Twitter Moments and keep adding new content from you or different users. It’s simply in a different way for you to supply content for your fans. زيادة متابعين تويتر

It allows you to collect info

Do you use featured Instagram stories on a daily basis? Twitter moments square measure similar in this they collect many tweets on one subject.

If you, for instance, host a web event and devote multiple tweets to that, you’ll cluster them along in Twitter Moments to stay all of the main points in one place.

It is used as a journal

If you do not have the time or cash to take care of a journal on the web, Twitter Moments could be a nice variety.

Each moment will have a canopy image, tweets with transmission parts, and an outline. It’s written as if it were a journal post.


You make it straightforward for your fans

Although the tweet someone could be a useful gizmo for locating content, having your stories compiled in seconds can create it easier for your followers to search out the content you have highlighted. As you’ll see, the foremost important good thing about Twitter Moments is that it permits you to stay manufacturing content whereas keeping it structured in order that your followers will simply realize it.


How to Build a Twitter Moment

We’ll walk you thru each step of building a Twitter Moment during this section thus you do not miss something. To begin, you want to initial log in to your account.

Are you prepared?

If you have signed in, head to the left-hand menu and choose ‘More,’ then ‘Moments.’

Since you haven’t created one nevertheless, you will see the Associate in the nursing empty column, however, which will modification soon: At the highest right, press the lightning bolt button.

At now, we must always take photos of the metrical account as we tend to undergo the method.

It’s time to figure on your moment currently that you have designed it.



You will add tweets to your Twitter moment in 3 ways:

  • Tweets you have likable: this can be wherever you’ll select that tweets you have liked.
  • Account tweets: These square measure the tweets you have written and printed on your profile.
  • Tweet Search: during this column, you’ll use keywords to search out tweets to feature your moment.
  • The easiest way to attach tweets to moments is to use a tweet association. All you’ve got to try and do is copy the tweet’s uniform resource locator and paste it into the box.


How To Take Away A Tweet From Moments

Simply press the delete button if you created a miscalculation once adding a tweet to Moments or if it’s become redundant.

Don’t be involved regarding your tweet. It’ll solely be aloof from this section if you uninstall it from Moments. It’ll still exist in your story and timeline.


You can also make your moments private. All you have to do is choose the ‘Share Moment Privately’ option. Then it will be visible only towards people whom you want(shared link with).


Twitter Moments And The Way To Look At Them.

Perhaps you have incomprehensible a couple of moments from the varied profiles you follow. It’s traditional initially look, there’s no button to envision them till you discover them in your timeline.

To see a Twitter moment from another person, head to their profile, click on the 3 dots next to their profile image, and scroll right down to very cheap of the page. After that, select ‘See moments.’

You’ve already down pat Twitter Moments. We’ve place along a couple of samples of moments to inspire you and answer any queries you will have regarding a way to use them.


Examples of Twitter Moments

As we said, you’ll use Twitter moments to make content, organize tweets or compile them in order that the knowledge around a subject matter is within the same place.

Here square measure some samples of a way to get the foremost out of Twitter moments:

  • It is used as a journal.

A Twitter moment has been developed by Area Jugones, a game and amusement portal, to share something relevant to the game “Apex Legends.” They’ve enclosed tweets coupled to their journal posts in it.

  • A set of tweets

The Spanish football league’s official profile, LaLiga, gathered all the tweets coupled to Valentine’s Day free there on a date.


Twitter Moments on a pc

Moments is available on both your desktop and mobile. Twitter Moments is found on the desktop by clicking the lightning bolt icon within the top-left corner of your screen, as seen below. The red button on top of the can takes you to your Twitter Moments feed, wherever you’ll shuffle between 5 completely different categories: News, Sports, amusement, Fun, and Today. Here’s what one Twitter user seems like.

An event is thus giant that it fully dominates social media for days. What percentage of tweets regarding the last awards ceremony, sporting event, or infectious agent acculturation turned informed your Twitter timeline? It is tough to search out nice content on Twitter as over 6000 tweets square measure sent each second. So, in 2015, Twitter launched Twitter Moments, a group of curated tweets focused on one subject or story.

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