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Treatment options available for liver cancer?

What are the various treatment options available for liver cancer in India?

During cancer treatment, different medical experts work together to create the right kind of treatment plan for you. In medical terms, it is known as a multidisciplinary team. In case you are diagnosed with liver cancer then you are going to get treatment accordingly at the best Liver Hospital in Ludhiana. Here are some of the treatment options which the liver doctors in Punjab will provide you.

Disease-directed treatments to eliminate and potentially cure HCC

Well! This treatment is suggested when the tumor is found at an early stage. This is not suggested to the treatment at later stages.


Surgery is suggested for tumor removal along with the healthy tissue present around it. This is the best choice for patients who have a good liver function and this allows the tumor to be removed safely. In case, the tumor has spread outside the liver, then surgery is not suggested. 2 types of surgical methods are suggested which includes:

  • Hepatectomy

In case, the liver portion needs to be removed then it is suggested. The left part of the section can affect the left part of the liver. Within a few weeks, the liver will grow in the normal size. If the condition has reached the advanced stage then hepatectomy is not suggested.

  • Liver transplantation

A liver transplant is suggested to the patients once the requirements are fulfilled like tumor size, total count, and whether a suitable donor is found. The total count of donor availability is limited. Once the transplant is done, the doctor will closely check on your health so that your body does not reject the new liver. In case, the patient has a small tumor then a liver transplant is a suggested option. But the waiting list is long so make the choice accordingly by consulting the doctor.

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)

During RFA, microwave therapy is used to target cancer cells. It can be done through surgery, laparoscopy, or skin. The patient is given sedation to perform the treatment which helps the patient to relax.

Percutaneous ethanol injection

During this treatment, the patient’s liver is injected with alcohol which targets the tumor. Following the procedure, it can result in pain and fever. Although, this approach is safe and simple, specifically for the tumor with less than 3cm in size. Although it is not used in many cases.

Radiation therapy

During radiation treatment, High-energy X-rays are used to target the cancer cells. The radiation oncologist will provide you the treatment.

Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT)

During this approach, high doses of radiation are used but it won’t reach the healthy tissues present around it. Through SBRT the tumors which are around 5cm or smaller can be treated through this treatment. You must talk to the doctor to understand what option is best suited for your condition.

Systemic therapy for advanced HCC (updated 11/2020)

Systemic therapy uses medications that slow down cancer growth or kill them. The medication will reach the entire body. The types of systemic therapies include:

  • Targeted therapy
  • Immunotherapy


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