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Traditions and choices of Maharashriyan bride

Traditions, beliefs and rituals play an important role in Maharastoria brides and society.

This is also evident from their marriage.

As a result, the bride and groom continue

to wear traditional Maharastoria attire at their weddings, even after major changes in

people’s lives. Marriage in Maharashtra remains the same over the years. The bride and groom’s dresses haven’t changed for years.Traditions and choices of Maharashriyan brideNames Related To Death



Paitani Sally is from the Paitan district of Maharashtra.

It is said to be woven from Kanzi Balaam and Benaras silk.

Recently, brides have started to experiment a bit with their looks.

There is another type of saree worn by brides, the “Nauvari” saree.

As the name implies, this saree is 9 meters long. nau means “9”.

It is usually covered in the form of pants. Now Varisary is an old

custom in which Maharastoria women wore it around their legs to

describe it as masculine. It is also an easy way to wear a saree.

Now Varisary is also suitable for weddings.Traditions and choices of Maharashriyan bride


The Marathi bride looks stunning with mother-of-pearl wrapped Mundavria on her forehead,

a traditional nose on her nose, a layered John Dalihar on her forehead and Patria and

Bandia on her delicate wrists. This is what Maharastoria brides wear on their wedding day.


1. Mundavaria
The bride and groom wear red and white beaded ribbons on their foreheads as

a wedding decoration. Two beads fall on either side of the forehead, making it look

like a perfect Maharashtra pair.


2. Chap Lahar
Chaplahaar is a unique experience. A beautifully designed long necklace. It is said

that due to its length, the necklace can touch the hearts of women. Ornaments are

said to have the ability to manipulate and provoke the bride’s emotions and emotions

. Hence, in the Marathi tradition, it is a sign of dedication. In addition to weddings,

brides can wear this particular ornament on various holidays and festivals.


3. Lakshmihar
Laxmi hair is also attractive, but it looks different. This necklace has a gold pendant

engraved with the image of the goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that when the bride

wears this necklace, she is blessed with the waves of Satvic and conveys positive

emotional feelings.


4. Gantan
The bride is not allowed to wear this to the wedding. The groom hangs this

jewel around the bride’s neck during the Raja Home ritual. This decoration

consists of a necklace with black beads and a thali. This is an expression of

a partner’s passion, trust, empathy and sacrifice. This award often indicates

a woman’s marital status.


5. Marathi Nath
We all know the typical Marathi aubergines worn by brides. Maratinus is a

beautiful decoration studded with pearls, beads and jewels, unlike the round

nose piercings that are often found.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to become the perfect Maharashtra bride

1. Hairstyle
The traditional Maharastoria bride’s hairstyle is ambada, a clean and simple

bun that looks absolutely majestic. Hence, it is advisable to follow the

classic haircut. To add a little bit of your flair, try your Maharashtra dress

and braided or curly buns that look perfect and add a sense of whimsy to your unique style.


2. Bridal make-up
The type and color of your saree will determine your makeup. Wearing a

saree heavily stitched with glamorous jewelry can keep your makeup to a

minimum. All Mahara Strian weddings are usually daytime and a wet natural

look is suitable for daytime so you should go for a wet natural beauty.

However, if the rest of your face remains smooth, you can opt for darker

colors and bolder eyeshadows.

You should look for the beauty of the tear-wet nature, as all Maharastoria

weddings are usually during the day and the tear-wet natural look is suitable

for the day. However, if the rest of your face remains light, you can go for dark

colors and bold eyeshadows. We recommend that you seek the advice of a

professional makeup artist.Traditions and choices of Maharashriyan bride


3. Footwear
Kolhapuri Chappals are the famous Maharashtra bridal shoes.

However, times have changed and many brides have started wearing s

aree and heels. If it suits your appearance, you can too. Choose

comfortable heels so that you can easily finish all the ceremonies

and not feel any pain after the wedding!

Now Varisary is an old custom in which Maharastoria women wore it around their legs to describe it as masculine. It is also an easy way to wear a saree. Now Varisary is also suitable for weddings.Traditions and choices of Maharashriyan bride



Now we can say that you know everything about a typical Maharastoria bride!  If this helps you, our mission will be accomplished!

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