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Top WordPress Trends In 2021


WordPress is celebrating its 18th anniversary and has always embraced new technologies to ensure its users continue innovation and advancement. The Open-source platform has come a long way by adding new features that help in integrating the user’s vision. Currently when web development services have grown gradually, which is essential to enhance customer engagement. Therefore, 2021 can be called the year of WordPress expansion.

And, to make your website look unique and astonishing, it provides you with custom website design ideas through the latest WordPress website design trends.

In this article, you’ll find upcoming WordPress website design trends to increase your value against other contestants. These WordPress design trends in 2021 give you new limits of user experience.

Let’s learn more about it in detail!

  1. Multipurpose Theme (The Most booming WordPress Trend in 2021)

The multipurpose theme is listed as #1 in the trending race. It enables users to use all the functions required by a website or business to build any type or style of the website. The multipurpose theme conceits itself on covering an inclusive variety of website types. This is the primary reason why Multipurpose themes are becoming more popular among users and designers.

The multipurpose themes are more contemporary and customizable via a robust plugin. The multipurpose theme is eye-catching with its valuable functions for all types of websites. Since most organizations are now considering using WordPress to pioneer their business sites globally, we will be witnessing the widespread popularity of multipurpose themes in the WordPress trend in 2021.

  1. Page Builder Tools

Gutenberg is often seen as the first phase of WordPress page builder; however, it is not yet. It is more than a design tool. As we already find many real page builders in the market and they are becoming more popular. But this year, Elementor has reached a new milestone. First, in just eight months, it is cracking the millionth vulnerability. By now, Elementor has reached 2 million active installations.

Although it’s just a page builder, these stats show that they have captured a real market. Although page builder is mainly for those who do not have the technical ability to design specialized websites according to their requirements, page builders have become the main focus of many developers to speed up implementation.

As more businesses require digital marketing and need websites, Elementor may not stop. As part of the WordPress development trends in 2021, we will perceive more page builders with more advanced features, and people will use them. But right now, Elementor won the game, and you can’t stop it.

  1. High Saturation & Vivid Colors (The New WordPress Web Design Trend in 2021)

Nowadays, bold colors and contrasting blends are routine in designing. People react very strongly to colors, so the color scheme you choose will seriously impact the perception and the brand persona or website. Study shows that 90% of our product reviews are based only on the color scheme.

Without a doubt, using bold color combinations is the ideal way to make a website popular. WordPress designers are not obsessed with this trend. Many WordPress themes focus on color based on the domain or industry of the website.

You can also create your personalized gradients and add interactive patterns and textures.

Another way to deal with this trend is to use sharp contrast, which has become more popular recently. Using contrasting colors brings an arty and exciting vibe to your website and also helps with user-friendliness.

  1. Spin Wheel Gamification (The most adoptable WordPress Trend in 2021)

Wheel of fortune” is another hot trend in the 2021 website; it is recommended to add spinwheel to your website. It is a proven marketing tool to recall customers and intensify your sales by offering prizes, discounts, and entertainment to the users.

According to the niche, you can customize the wheel and even set up the time period during which the wheel will be displayed with different prizes. And add plenty of games or discount vouchers. It is enabled when customer subscribe and register themselves, so you can easily trace them out for more marketing and offer more benefits

  1. Voice Search Optimization (An Innovative WordPress Trend in 2021)

By 2021, 50% of all searches will be based on voice. This shows the broad prospects of voice search. More notably, as more users will use their voice instead of entering search queries, it points to a paradigm move in users’ search for information and product inquiry. The popularity of smart speakers and the increasing acceptance of intelligent assistants will voice the ideal input method.

Companies must fine-tune and optimize their websites for quality voice search. To do this, businesses will need to understand the variation between voice search and text search. When using traditional search, users often ask questions using voice search by typing in key phrases and keywords.

  1. Live Chat and Chatbot

Chat windows are convenient tools that enable companies to provide instant support to their clientele at any time. While browsing the Internet, you may have noticed more chatbots and support windows in real-time, and you can even relate to them.

They are an excellent tool for answering FAQs, getting help requests, and learning more about customer practices. They also tend to increase user engagement on the website and improve the user experience of users. No wonder chatbots and real-time chat features are becoming a hot trend in WordPress in 2021.

  1. The dark mode (The most preferred WordPress Web Design Trend in 2021)

A dark mode defines a design trend website that focuses on using a contextual close to black with brighter elements at the top. It happened as a code editor to lessen eye strain and is becoming a trend. Now apps, webs, and software are modernized with Dark Mode.

This is observable in, unlike ways. For example, you have WhatsApp with a dark theme and many websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter also specifically allow its users to switch between light and dark designs.

As mentioned above, compared to staring at a white screen all day. Using dark mode can reduce screen power consumption, which is another way to make web design more environmentally friendly.

Wrapping Up!

WordPress is a lively and constantly changing platform, although it needs continuous maintenance and improvement to maximize its potential. If you want to master the industry and understand the WordPress trends in 2021, it is essential to gain success in the above directions and run the highly competitive online marketplace, which is not difficult; if done correctly, you’ll see the potential to expand your business to new heights.

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