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Top Ways to Gain Great Reviews from Your Vacation

Well, you have a stellar vacation home in an attractive location, but still not getting the reviews you deserve from your prospective exchange guests. Why? Because that’s not enough to get five-star ratings from your guests. You’ve to make a few simple tweaks to make your exchange homes guests feel surprised and overwhelmed with your warm welcome.

1 Clean & Hygienic Space

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of cleanliness and hygiene has become indispensable for survival. So, to make the first great importance, ensure that your vacation exchange homes are well sanitized and clean to its core. Moreover, as the host, it is your moral responsibility to ensure a safe and secure environment free of germs and viruses for your new guests.

It would be best if you rope in a professional house cleaning, who will take care of thoroughly cleaning your vacation home, even in your absence.

Have a proper checklist for cleaning the house, starting with the garage space, private pool to each room.

2 Check All the Appliances

If you reside near your vacation house, you can always personally visit your property, and if the important appliances are functioning properly. For instance, all the lights in the house are working; don’t forget the heater or cooktop in the kitchen.

Since your guests are on vacation, you probably don’t wish to ruin their experience with the failure of any appliance in our house. So, a few days before the new guests arrive, audit your vacation house for amenities, and upgrade whenever necessary.

Apart from the appliances, don’t overlook the everyday essentials, such as coffee, tea, and spices in the kitchen cabinets and toilet paper, soap & shampoo in the washroom.

3 A Welcome Gift

Another great way to win a five-star rating from your new guests is by presenting them with a welcome gift. If you can’t be present for handover then, you can ask the neighbor next door to do it on your behalf. This gesture of yours will simply leave your guest awestruck. The gift must be selected based on who will be staying at your vacation house, id a family or a young couple after marriage.

For a family, a hamper of chocolates and wafers would be the safest option. Whereas, for a couple on honeymoon, an old bottle of wine will make their day special. Tour welcome gifts don’t have to be pricey; the real meaning lies in your thought process of giving a gift. Enjoy lunch, contemplate the life of the monks and hermits, admire the magnificent basilica and follow the footpaths.

Final Thoughts

In the end, to attract more prospective families to live in your vacation home or holiday exchange, you’ll have to list down all the good ratings from your previous guests in your listing on a reliable exchange homes exchange site. Once you’ve implemented these key tips, don’t feel timid to ask for a review, you can drop them an email or phone call to get a review. The review can be in the form of written words or a video.

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