Top Used Car Dealers In Kochi

Used car dealerships have transformed the pre-owned car market. Nowadays, customers can reach multi-brand second hand car showrooms in Kerala, to choose the car and can buy it without any impediments. The most advanced city in Kerala, Kochi leads in second hand car sales as well. We are looking at the top dealers for buying used cars in Kochi. The best dealerships and showrooms have been determined based on the pricing, quality evaluation, customer service, after-sales support, and ease in buying.

You can check out the dealerships below if you are considering buying a used car in Ernakulam. The sellers we mention here have been instrumental in reducing the efforts of customers to find the second hand car of one’s choice. In addition to eliminating the requirement of car brokers.

Indus Used Cars

Indus Used Cars has been the top used car dealer in Ernakulam since its establishment. The existing, as well as, new customers have applauded the meticulous inspection, maintenance, and sales process followed by the dealership. Indus Used Cars, determined to maintain the unblemished legacy of Indus Motors, offers outstanding customer support and competitively priced multi-brand cars. The first dealership to approach if you are looking for used cars in Kerala with the largest showroom presence all across Kerala with the best collection of used cars of top brands.      

Vision Honda

Vision Honda would be an ideal option if you were thinking of owning a Honda second hand cars. The dealership has established a strong identity and became one of the most considered dealerships for used cars in Ernakulam. The supportive executives, systematically developed a sales process and exceptional customer care make this dealership one of the top used car dealers in Kochi. Vision Honda is also a dealership with a multi-showroom presence.

EVM Autokraft

There haven’t been many used car dealerships in Ernakulam that could garner optimal sales in a short period. EVM Autokraft could create an identity among the showrooms offering used cars in Kochi by their constant performance and consistent quality. The quality assurance procedure and maintenance aspects observed by the firm have been admirable. At this showroom, you can find a great collection of used and new BMW cars.

Popular Vehicles

Popular Vehicles has been one of the oldest car dealerships in Kerala. After completing a successful period in a car dealership, Popular commenced a separate division for used cars. Popular Vehicles offers Maruti Suzuki used cars. The agency has gained customer appreciation through dedicated and relentless support. They also have a well-developed infrastructure for providing outstanding quality servicing.

Rajasree Motors Pvt Ltd

Those who think of premium used cars in Kochi or nearby areas can drop by Rajasree Motors to check out the collection and book one. The dealership has been one of the prime choices for elite customers. They have been delivering quality-proven vehicles. Thus making a name and fame among the car dealerships in the state.

The trend of buying second-hand cars, rather than shelling out a lot of money on new ones, has been continuing for a long time. The establishment of reliable and credible multi-brand used car dealerships in Kochi and other regions in Kerala has augmented this trend. Buying a second hand car would be better than spending money on a new car due to varying reasons.

Tips For Choosing The Right Used Car Dealers

You can consider the following points whilst choosing the used car dealer:

Credibility – Since you may not be able to undertake exhaustive inspection, the credibility of the dealership matters a lot.

Pricing – The pricing of the car will depend on the dealer. More often than not they would decide a price just based on the manufacturing year and kilometres run. A reliable used car dealer would fix the price only after evaluating the condition of the car and its components. Besides considering the year of manufacture and total kilometres run.

After-sales Support – After-sales support is crucial for every vehicle. Many a time, the dealers may turn reluctant to extend the support. Confirm the service and support during the after-sales period.

Collection – Consider the used car dealership in Ernakulam with a large collection of second-hand cars. This will help you check out maximum models before finalizing one.

Inspection – Discuss with the dealers regarding the inspection and maintenance process they have undertaken, before placing the car for sales. A trustworthy dealer will undertake a thorough inspection and refurbishment of the car, which would ensure a trouble-free drive.

Get the car from the right dealership and enjoy your drives.

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