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Top Tips For Choosing Curtains

There are different kinds of window treatments that are available. People prefer curtains that look elegant, frilly, and soft. They are good for decorating your home apart from being functional and  offering light control as well as privacy.

If you’ve decided to opt for custom curtains, you can choose the exact fabric, style, size, and trimmings you want to get a truly bespoke look for your home. But, while choosing curtains, it’s important to give thought to various small – yet important – details. So in this article, we will give you our top five tips to choose your perfect set of curtains.

  • Patterns & Colors

Curtains occupy a large part of your space. Hence, they will play an important role in creating the overall look of any room. To choose the right color, ask for different samples of fabrics. You can then bring them to the space where you will be decorating and then match them against the walls, pillows, and sofas. In addition, you can tape the samples to your walls and see which are the ones that stand out.

Along with color, choose your patterns carefully – unless you’re opting for plain curtains of course. Some patterns like paisleys and damasks are better suited for traditional or formal rooms, while geometric patterns like clean stripes and checks may be better suited for modern and minimalist rooms. Florals are considered feminine and polka dots are considered young and playful. So choose patterns that work with the mood and purpose of the room and mix them thoughtfully to achieve a balanced look.

  • Size

Curtain width should ideally be double the window’s width so there is enough fabric width to create a rich, full gather and pleats. If you order curtain panels that are too narrow, they will either not cover the window or hang like flat sheets.

Similarly, it’s important to decide the length carefully. Floor-to-ceiling curtains are a popular choice but some rooms like kitchens and bathrooms may benefit from a cafe or sill-length curtains. If you have a piece of furniture or radiator under your windows, shorter curtains or custom roman shades – instead of curtains – will prove to be a better fit.

Also, there might be subtle differences in how much length you need for different styles of curtains. For example, the length of final drapes is usually different for grommet tops versus pinch pleat drapes.

  • Hardware

Curtain rods should go with the fabric. Heavy drapes like velvets appear better on the large, and decorative rods. While sheers and light silks might look more fitting on thinner, lightweight bars. Hardware needs to complement the rest of your room. For this reason, it is beneficial to repeat a tie or a material within a theme.

When choosing hardware, consider extending the pole a few inches beyond the window frame so the curtains have some room to stack on the sides when you open your curtains. This will allow you to maximize light inflow without obstructing the view. This little trick can also make a small window seem larger.

Similarly, consider mounting your pole or track a few inches above the frame. This is an especially helpful trick for rooms with low ceilings. Placing poles close to ceilings allow the eye to travel upwards and creates an illusion of height. So place hardware high and measure the length of your drapes accordingly.

Finials are the decorative end screws that are placed at the curtain rod’s end. It helps offer the right finishing touch to the window dressing. In most cases, you can buy high-quality finials if you need to alter the style without having to change the entire hardware.

  • Curtain type

There are several styles of curtains, but there are different window styles as well. Usually, bay, casement, and bow windows are present in many houses. Make sure that you’re choosing the right style and size of drapes for these odd-shaped windows.

Furthermore, there are over a dozen different styles of curtains, from tab tops to pinch pleat drapes. So do review all the options and choose a style that suits the look and purpose of a given room to achieve the perfect curtain look. For example, back tab tops might be better suited for a casual space while triple pinch pleats are at home in a formal setting.

  • Match with Decor

When you are decorating your home with curtains, you need to match the rooms in terms of their looks. Fabrics such as linens and cotton look good in casual spaces. However, for formal settings, such as dining and living rooms, you can add panels of faux silk or push velvets. While looking for your curtains, pay attention to the scheme of colors in the room and pick a fabric that works within the overall palette and mood. . The window treatments need to fit the overall feel and look of your home.

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