Top Things To Look While Choosing a Custom Corset Supplier


Custom Corset Supplier 101: Highly condemned, heavily criticized, anti-feminist. These aren’t attributes of a Homo Sapien. Instead, are some false and derogatory comments passed on CORSETS! When worn properly (according to one’s size), corsets are quite comfortable. Also, no one can question the sensuality that a corset brings to a woman!!

Custom Corset Supplier 101 : Custom Corsets

Corsets have always been under the radar for tight lacing. The side effects of it ranging from difficulty in breathing to poor digestion. Tight lacing occurs when a person wears a corset that isn’t fit for their size. Thus, the traditional shops, as well as e-commerce platforms, had to introduce and market custom corsets.

From the consumer’s perspective, custom corsets are not only useful for corset sizing but also for corset designing. Consumers can handpick and order their favorite color, cut, style, fabric, and anything else they would like to add to their custom corset. This obviously means that the consumers should be ready for spending much more time and money! Trust me, it’s worth it!

Custom Corset Supplier 101: Shopping options for Custom Corsets

Online shopping, popularly and often synonymously known as e-commerce became mainstream for garments, even lingerie! So, it was much more obvious that even corsetry was also introduced on this platform. But, with the arrival of e-commerce in the corsetry, many consumers preferred to shop from their homes.

So, you have two options for buying corsetry, first is the e-commerce corsetry platforms and the second one is buying a corset from a traditional shop. It is the consumer’s personal choice to choose between both the shopping options, as both these options have similar weighing pros and cons. Hence, the decision should be made by the consumer.

If you’re buying a custom corset, then it becomes important to choose the right e-commerce corsetry website or the right shop for it. This write-up will enlighten you on the factors you should look for before buying a custom corset from any website or shop.

Custom corsets are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Consumers can design their corsets according to their preferences.
  • Provides consumers corsetry according to their size. This is useful especially for the ones who can’t find ready-made corsets of their size.

Factors you should look for before buying a Custom Corset

Consumer ratings and recommendations

Check for any ratings available for the corsetry shop. Whether it be a traditional shop or corsetry e-commerce website, higher consumer ratings will mean that most of them are quite satisfied with the services. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for ready-made corsets or custom corsets, this becomes the first step of scrutiny.

Ask your friends!! Maybe they have had an experience with the seller that they would like to share with you. If they are pleased with the services of the seller, then it’s a big thumbs up. If you’re specifically looking for a custom corset then it is recommended to enquire within your friend circle.

Availability of a wide variety of styles, trends, aesthetics, and fabrics

A basic necessity if you’re looking for custom corsets. If you’re going to custom design your corset then you should surely have a wide range of options available with you. Scrutinize and consider only those shops and e-commerce platforms that provide a wide variety and range of styles, trends, aesthetics, and fabrics.

What does a wide range mean? They should be the ones with the latest fashion trends to the retro ones. From steel-boned corsets to the curviest corsets to the plus-size corsets!! Options of fabrics should at least include cotton, silk, satin, leather with additional options like coutil, brocade, and many more!!

Choosing the right fabric is quite essential too! Corsets are usually not worn frequently. If that’s what you intend then choose the fabric accordingly. Also, consider your skin type and properties of the fabric (especially suitability, and comfortability of the fabric with your skin) before choosing one.

Similarly, look for the different aesthetics too! Corsets are available in vintage, steampunk, cosplay, gothic, burlesque, and many more. Retro enthusiasts can choose between gothic, vintage, or steampunk aesthetics, which have become quite famous. If you are in the mood for some fun then go for cosplay or burlesque aesthetic! Having a wide variety is always fun!

Craftsmanship skills

It can be considered as one of the most important factors. In corsets, there isn’t a chance for any margin of error. As corsets are garments that are skin-touching and close-fitted even a small mistake can create discomfort. Quality craftsmanship is quite essential for assuring comfort while wearing custom corsets.

As custom corsets are costly as well as take a lot of time, accuracy can only be ensured by quality craftsmanship. Never compromise and settle for less! Ensure that the craftsman is experienced and highly rated.


The top things to look at while choosing a custom corset supplier would be consumer ratings and recommendations, availability of a wide variety of styles, trends, aesthetics, and fabrics, and craftsmanship skills.

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