Top Money Earning Games in India – 2022

If we consider the entire world the gaming industry is more extensive than film. A lot of people play games every day and if we think about the money that can be earned simply by playing the game, what could be more lucrative than this. There are numerous games that pay you to cashback.

The internet is full of millions of games on the Internet that claim you will earn money playing games. This isn’t the case. After you play several of these games, you can add money to your wallet, but you can’t withdraw the money. Instead, you can buy points or other items within the game.

Be aware that you can’t earn an enormous amount of money playing games, it’s the kind of small cashback you can earn on the money you earn from playing for time as you recharge your phone, or bill payment options can accomplish that.

In this article, I’ve listed a few excellent and well-known games that give the player real cash. You are able to withdraw it into your Paytm account or bank account Let’s find out what game gives you cashback.

The Best Money Earning Games List

1. Dangal Games

Dangal Games is among the top real money earning games that can help you earn between 15K and 1 Lakh rupees per month if you’re regularly using the application. You can play games and make money with the Dangal Games app. It’s an app which many are earning money online by playing games. Through this app, you can earn money real fast by investing 1-2 hours a day playing this application.

Sign up for the Dangal Games application and gets your Rs.100 today bonus on your account at Dangal Games.

2. Ludo from Paytm First Games

In the time of the pandemic, the Ludo game was heavily viewed by millions of people who played the game. The Ludo game was developed in partnership with Paytm First Game, where many participants can participate in Ludo concurrently. If you sign up to Ludo the Paytm first game the first time you will receive an extra bonus of 50 rupees on your Paytm wallet.

Go here for more information. sign up with Paytm for First Games and use Refferal code to earn Rs.50 rupees in your Paytm account for no cost.

Paytm First Game It is the business of Paytm where you will find a wide range of games, from which you can take out the actual cash from your Paytm wallet. It’s a 100 percent legal application. It is available for download via the Google Play Store.

3. Fantasy Dangal

Fantasy Dangal is an online new fantasy app, it’s a fantasy sports platform that lets you as well play fantasy cricket, fantasy Kabaddi fantasy football. It is possible to win prizes and money by engaging in fantasy sports. It’s completely legally legal to play from your mobile.

If you sign up as a first-time player you will earn reward points that can be as high as 200 Rs, with which you can participate in the game and earn an actual cash prize.

4. Zupee Gold

Zupee Gold is Zupee Gold is a Platform for Question and Answer that has live tournaments that take place throughout the day and there more than 500 kinds of questions you receive during the tournament. The winner who answers the question quickly can cash in real money. You can also deposit your winnings into your Paytm account.

It’s very well-known among people. More than 50 lakh users have been using it. Additionally, there are ongoing tournaments throughout the day. There are numerous tournaments in which Everybody wins means that everybody will be able to earn money. You can learn and earn cash while playing this game as well.

5. Loco

Loco is a time-based quiz show where you can earn money answering questions. It doesn’t have tournaments. There are live quizzes that are conducted periodically. You can win real cash by answering 10 questions, which you can then withdraw from your Paytm account. It’s a hugely popular game with millions of players playing this game.

It is also possible to earn referrals by sharing the site with your family and friends. Apart from that there are plenty of offers available. To pay for your bills using earned points, like electricity, Cinema, and Cab bills.

6. MPL – Mobile Premier League

Recently, MPL has been gaining a lot of fame millions of players have downloaded it. Thousands of players still play it to this day, and it’s highly regarded. There are live tournaments on MPL, and there are a lot of games where live tournaments are taking place. In case you can achieve top rankings in the game you are playing by taking part in it, you will earn cash. Then, you can transfer it to your bank account or through a Paytm wallet.

You can play more than 60 games in the MPL. Among the most popular games include Fruit Chop, Pool, Chess and numerous others. In addition, there are a variety of well-known games that you can play. Tournaments take place every day all day, every day. in which you are able to participate. If you earn a high rank you’ll be rewarded from which you can withdraw from your bank account or PayTM.

You can earn up to Rs.150 when you sign up! It’s simple to download the application from the Mpl live website and apply this referral link to receive up to Rs.150 reward when you sign-up.

7. Carrom Clash

Carrom Clash, as the name suggests, is a card-playing game. It is a game where at least two players participate in the game, and the winner is paid. You must put stickers on the game to play the. Additionally, you are able to easily transfer money from your Paytm account, and you could also share the game and earn referral fee.

It’s a legal sport and it is completely safe. It is also possible to play with your buddies. If you’re looking to make more money then you should join the game of a lifetime. Millions of players play this game to make cash. If you are a pro in this game, you could earn a decent amount of daily income.

8. Pocket Money

Pocket Money is an easy application that requires you to complete various tasks. Along with many promotions, which you can utilize it to pay for your bill and also earn money back. You can make the most money making referrals to your friends as it can pay up to 160 rupees per person you refer.

9. Bulb Smash

Bulb Smash can be described as a straightforward gaming application in which you must play games at various levels. In this, you earn points by smashing the Bulbs You can use points into your wallet, and withdraw them from your Paytm.

10. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is also an extremely popular game. Many people play it You have the opportunity to make real Paytm cash in a matter of minutes by playing with your buddies. You earn up to 15 Rs per referral, and to earn more money you will need to refer more people.

11. Brainbaazi

Similar to Loco as well, it’s an interactive quiz show which shows are aired daily at the regular time. You could win great value by taking part in live-streamed quiz shows. If your general understanding is high you could also make a lot of money. Millions of people participate every day.

If you do not choose the correct answer during play, you’ll be eliminated from the live test. If you’re alive and you are able to continue playing the game. To improve your chances of living you can share this game with your friends. If your friends follow the game through your referral link, you’ll also earn more life.

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