Top Commercial Jingles Of 2021 & Some History

In old times, people used to sing outside their shops to gather other people’s attention as there were no telecommunication sources like today. They sing to summon attention and attract customers to their shops and products by creating different spaces through their voices. In the modern world, we use jingles for the same purpose. The songs sung by people in the early eras were jingles before jingles were even made as they serve the same purpose. Jingles are the slogans used to objectify the product with a hint of tune to make it memorable. They are used for marketing and advertising the product or the company. Some jingles are related to the product, but most of them are related to its brand.

With creating a jingle, the product may vary, but the brand remains fresh in consumer’s or customers’ minds. Jingles are used all over the world and in all of the seven continents. If we talk about the Top Commercial Jingles of the time or 2021, we should keep in mind that Top Commercial Jingles always come from companies or 50 to 100 decades older. Because it may need the talent to make an effective jingle, but it also takes time to make that jingle most famous.  Today, we will discuss some of the top commercial jingles of 2021 that are most widely recognized this year:

  • Nationwide Insurance:

Nationwide is an insurance company that made the jingle “Nationwide is on your side.” This jingle highlights the nation of the United States of America and its name, hence making it a memorable and impactful song. According to research, this jingle made 54.7% of the Native Americans remember it when mentioned or when the name of the company “nationwide insurance” was mentioned. This study or revelation makes it successful from an advertising and marketing point of view.

  • I’m loving it; McDonald:

McDonald’s is an American corporation of fast food founded in California, America, in the 1940s. McDonald’s has grown to be a chain of fast-food restaurants that are spread worldwide. You can access its chain in almost all of the seven continents. Its signature jingle is “I’m loving it” and has been ever since it first advertised it.

Whenever people say Mcdonald’s, “I’m loving it” pops up in their minds simultaneously. Jingle makers always use it as an example. They have copywriter claims to this jingle, and it has become their signature jingle over the past few decades and is the same no matter what continent or country it is operating at. On a survey, it was observed that 54.9% of people remember the slogan or jingle as much as they reflect the brand, i.e., McDonald’s 

  • Give me a break; kit Kat:

Chitchat is a brand of chocolate that sells chocolate in almost all the world’s major countries and is very popular for its different and unique taste. The jingle “give me a break” points to two other things in the ad but similar. The chocolate has 4 bars in it, and the lyric points out that you need to break the wafer bar one by one to eat it but, at the same time, it also points out that KitKat can be your partner whenever you need a break from work, study or anything you are currently invested in.

  • Tum Hi Toh Ho; Ufone:

Ufone is a telecommunication brand that offers telecommunication services to the people of Pakistan and one of the first few brands of telecommunication. It has been famous for its funny yet thought-provoking ads in the past decade. Their jingle has been used in almost all of its advertisements, and people also use it to make affectionate remarks for one another in a light capacity.

The lyric “tum he toh ho” means you are the only one. It was produced to show people that the brands care about them and exist because of them. It had a long-lasting effect and is still very famous because of the unique jingle. The success of the rhyme can be seen by looking at the amount of Ufone users. Almost 22 million people have started using Ufone in the past decade. It shows a significant impact on the telecommunication industry.

From the above-discussed jingles, it is clear that there is no shortage of good, thought-provoking, and smartly used vocals in the 21st century. When the lyrics started to trend, many people thought that it would not be effective in many ways, but different industries have shown that jingles can occupy the mind of people rent-free with only a few seconds of the display.

So if someone s in their office and hums the tune of your jingle, it means that you have done your work perfectly. Even when TV ads are becoming less popular, YouTube jingles and sponsoring there can take their place.

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