Top Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2021

Fashion is a big topic in today’s times since it allows you to design yourself uniquely. Moreover, fashion is something with which we interact daily, and it is a common way for someone to express their culture, context, and lifestyle in a certain way. Pakistan is working hand in hand with the worldwide business to keep up with the world’s speed in the fashion sector, and it is building a name for itself in the industry. Here are Top Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2021

Pakistani fashion industry

The Pakistani fashion industry has come a long way in the last ten years. Pakistan’s fashion business is mostly focused on clothing brands and ethnic wear. Pakistan has a plethora of well-known designer labels. In Pakistan, numerous prominent apparel brands are working to boost the economy and contribute to the country’s development. If we’re talking about clothing brands in Pakistan, many aim to promote cultures and traditional attire. Many clothing brands in Lahore cater to both genders. Thus we can easily locate men’s and women’s outfits under one roof. Many worldwide celebrities, such as Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kate Middleton, and others, are promoting well-known apparel labels in Pakistan.

In this article, we will introduce you to several Pakistani clothing brands, their specs, areas of expertise, and how they are helping to make Pakistan proud on a global scale by showcasing the country’s positive aspects.

Top Clothing Brands in Pakistan

In Pakistan, numerous well-known designer brands are aiming to develop the fashion sector. Hence, this renowned phrase is held in high regard by well-known corporations and their owners.

“Fashion is the armor that allows you to survive the realities of daily life.”

Kapray, the designer

Designer Kapray is one of the most well-known brands in Pakistan’s fashion business. This is unquestionably the best option if you’re looking for traditional or custom-made outfits for women and men. Designer Kapray has a reputation of not compromising on clothing quality, and this exceptional brand is working persistently and stylishly to bring style and quality together under one roof. They do so by this well-known quote:

“Fashion fades, but style endures.”

Kapray is a designer who works in the following fields:

For Females;

Set of Lehengas

Wedding Gowns

1 -Gowns

2 – Bridal Gown

3 – Women’s Dresses Made-to-Order

4 – For Gentlemen

5 – Sets of Kurtas

6 – Sherwanis

7 – Bandgalas

8 –  Outfit

Dresses for men created to order

Designer Kapray is regarded as one of the best and most trustworthy men’s and women’s apparel businesses in Pakistan. By giving quality and elegance to the clothing range, designer Kapray is tastefully contributing to the larger picture of the Pakistan fashion business. Pakistan fashion change day by day according to demand.


Sapphire is among the top ten brands, having risen to the top of the list with elegance and grace in such a short period. Since 2014, this brand has been focusing on women’s fashion as well as men’s fashion. Sapphire offers affordable, fashionable, and stylish gowns. In addition, you may simply find everyday, party, formal, and casual clothing here.


The Khaadi

In traditional attire, Khaadi is working gracefully. Khaadi shattered the Pakistani fashion market with a variety of stylish outfits, and the brand’s signature style has earned it a particular place in people’s hearts. It has branches in the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Middle East to promote Pakistani fashion with elegance.

Gul Ahmad

Gul Ahmad is regarded as one of Pakistan’s first fashion houses. It is also known as “Quality.” Pakistani women value this brand for its high-quality apparel with fashionable and exquisite patterns. Gul Ahmad also sells men’s clothing, both stitched and unstitched, and you can find both stitched and unstitched items here.


Alkaram has also established itself as a well-known brand in the Pakistani fashion market. It is a well-known Pakistani brand. Since 1986, this brand has been active in Pakistan. You can find formal, semi-formal, and everyday clothing in a stitched or unstitched range for men and women.

Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed, popularly known as “J.,” is a clothing brand founded by renowned academic Junaid Jamshed in 2002. In such a short time, J. has risen to the top ten male clothing companies in Pakistan. J. has now introduced a beauty and fragrance collection and men’s and women’s clothes. In Pakistan, this is a well-known brand.


If you’re seeking cultural clothing, here is the greatest place to shop. Generations specialize in traditional women’s attire and introduce new items each season. Generations are well-known for their socially conscious marketing approach, which is a positive for their promotions in addition to their high-quality apparel.



This is the greatest site to buy garments if you want to wear attractive cuts and trendy outfits. Lulusar specializes in western apparel and caters primarily to working women and students in urban areas. As a result, Lulusar is the ideal destination for fashionable westernized women’s clothes that adhere to Pakistani customs and culture.

Maria B

In 1999, Maria B. entered the fashion market with fresh women’s fashion trends and cuts. Because the brand’s owner is a woman, it’s also a terrific example of women’s empowerment in Pakistan. Maria B. specializes in women’s formal and semi-formal clothing. Maria B. has launched her fragrance line and her brand in Paris, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Sana Safinaz

Since 1989, this women’s fashion business has been making history in the industry. Sana Safinaz is also a great example of female empowerment in the Pakistani fashion industry, as two female designers run it in a joint venture. This brand is known for its trendy eastern and western apparel lines, which are ideal for modern Pakistani women. Top Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2021. Entertainment Bracket Provide all the latest news and update.

Pakistan is a country that experiences all four seasons. People who live in this magnificent country know how amazing it is to live through all four seasons, from the blooming of gorgeous flowers in the spring to the cold winter evenings.

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