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Top 9 Reasons to Create Mobile App For Your Radio Station

If you’re of the opinion that the days of the radio are long gone, you’d be wrong.

According to Statista, internet-based radio accounted for over USD 500 million in the music streaming industry in 2019.

It might not be the age of portable radios or boomboxes, but smartphones come equipped with radio apps or you can install one. This is why it is pertinent to create a radio app for your station.

Here are 9 reasons to back our statement:

1. Know the market trends

Let’s see a few market trends about consumers’ attitude towards radio and the radio industry as a whole:

  • There are 15000+ commercial radio station across the US alone
  • The revenue of radio broadcasters is expected to cross over USD 15 billion
  • According to data collected in 2018, the average radio consumption is 106 minutes per day

Radio is not just about listening to music and news because of nostalgia, but also a consumer favorite while commuting. To evolve with the technology, it is essential to pick up the trends and build a radio app to cater to this market.

Not just this, by making a radio app, you are able to collect analytics on consumer behavior and personalize or modify your content based on the trends you see.

2. Plan extra content and monitor the engagement

By launching a radio app, you have exclusive access to the data of customers—the time they spend, the content they prefer, and more. This, in turn, helps you plan personalized content for your customers like podcasts, live channels, and much more.

Exclusive content in an app can draw in more customers and create a fan following. Use the data collected on your app to create better content and make marketing decisions.

3. Be on a par with the competition

For a time, experts predicted a decline in usage of radio streaming but by building your own radio station app, you can bounce back into the market. Internet radio apps are a hit with people using smartphones as they don’t have to rely on satellite streaming for their content.

Create an internet radio app to match your competition. According to Statista, although there is a steep decline in over-the-air radio advertising revenue, this is set off by the increase in revenue for its online counterparts.

4. Ensure brand recognition

Brand building is one of the key aspects of starting your own radio station app. The market is highly competitive with other music streaming platforms. So, to make your mark, it is essential to build a brand presence that is easy to recall.

One of the perks of an audio streaming platform is easy customization of the entire app. You can use colors and brand elements to give it a personal touch while making the controls easy for your customers to use.

5. Promotions and marketing campaigns

When you research how to make a radio app, you’ll come across various platforms giving you hints at a wide-scale marketing opportunity. This could include pop-up notifications on the radio mobile app or personalized live audio streaming based on a niche and more.

An internet radio mobile app makes it easy for you to collect customer data and target marketing campaigns by suggesting content that is curated for them.

6. Higher revenue potential

You can also monetize content delivered on your app by using advertisements. This works similar to over-the-air radio, but you can also use visual advertisements on the app making it more lucrative to attract advertisers.

7. Customers prefer apps over websites

When it comes to ease of use, a customer tends to use their mobile phones more for an audio streaming software when compared to other devices like laptops. Mainly because it allows access anywhere and is easy to carry around.

Also, the user experience on an app is far better compared to what a website can do for a customer.

8. Customize with ease

There are many audio streaming solution providers that customize the app completely to meet your expectations. From the design of the app, the controls to how content is streamed including personalization. This feature makes it easy to cater to a wide audience with different tastes.

The experience on your app is a big factor in building customer loyalty. The app should be easy to use, have a pleasant design, and should have the necessary notification and other settings.

9. Offering On-Demand Content

The main reason why many customers shifted from traditional streaming services is because of the freedom to choose what content they consume. Similarly, to ensure that your radio station falls in line with the ongoing trend, offering on-demand content goes a long way in attracting customers. It could be anything from live content to podcasts or reviews that is unique to your channel.

In a nutshell, the radio industry has made a turn in revenue by adapting to the new technology and venturing into internet-based radio services. Creating an app significantly increases your chances of beating the competition.

You’ll find many streaming service solution providers who are willing to build an app that caters not just to your business but also to the requirements of the customers. Pick a solution provider that offers the maximum potential for your business.

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