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Top 8 Misunderstood Terms Used by Newbie Graphic Designers

Are you new in the graphic design field and feel a bit confused about some of the graphic design terminologies? 

Graphic design is a broad term that includes many more things, and in starting, you can get confused with some of the concepts as most graphic designers face the same problem. 

But many common doubts can get solved if you read out helpful content or see a good tutorial about this or keep showing interest. And learning attitude in current graphic design course in Delhi if you are learning from. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 misunderstood terms by every beginner-level graphic designer.

1. First Misunderstood term: Fonts vs. typeface

Many graphic designers stay confused with fonts and typefaces because these two have some similarities. However, both are distinct from each other; typeface means fonts in a font family such as Roboto. Besides this, fonts refer to the variations present in typefaces such as bold, italic, and extra bold. 

 2. Kerning and tracking are other terms to get clarity.

This is one of the most misunderstood terms that are tracking and kerning. Tracking refers to the available or given space between the group of letters. On the other hand, kerning helps in altering the space between a single letter. You can look for a graphic design institute in Delhi or any online resource to get more detailed information about these concepts.

3. Backdrop and background are also confusing.

Both sound similar when it comes to using these terms practically, but these two also differ totally. The backdrop is the cloth or frame used behind the main scene or object while sketching, creating fine art, and using any other graphic design work. 

And background relates to anything behind the object or something. Also, if you want to go further with studying one of these, you can look for a graphic design course in Delhi. This can help in getting more understanding about these fields. 

4. Which to use gradient or gradient mesh

Both the gradient options allow the use of the gradient effect in the object. Still, gradient or standard gradient comes with some most limited features. In contrast, in gradient mesh, you can use the editable points to go deeper into the gradient effect to get a more versatile effect. In gradient mesh, you can use gradient points to adjust colors and effects. 

5. Tint and Tones

When you add a white color in our color, then, as a result, we get a tint of that color. And when you mix the grey color in any color of your choice, then the resulting color is recognized as the tones of the color. Tint helps increase the lightning effect of the image or photos. 

In contrast, the time effect reduces the chroma or lightning effect of that color. Also, a certificate course in graphic design can be a great tool to master the understanding of tone and tint and any other confusing term. Also, learning from online resources is an excellent option for the students. 

6. Hue and color

The color term refers to the terms like shade tone, general color, and other more comprehensive terms. In short, color is a general term that incorporates all the elements, and hue refers to the purest form of colors. 

Such as red, green, blue, violet, and pure back, and pure white or pure grey does not include any hue. So, if you need to master these fundamental concepts, then they’re nothing better than a free or paid diploma course in graphic design to enroll for and keep learning these terminologies to make awesome designs.

7. Whitespace and negative space

Whitespace is the space present in the design that is available to give some breathing space to its elements. At the same time, the negative space is recognized as when two or more objects interact with each other. 

Whitespace is an important term to have in the design because it enhances the readability and understanding of the design. And negative space helps in giving an illusion of the real object in the graphic content. 

8. Letter mark vs. wordmark

The letter marks represent the brand’s identity and summaries in a single word or logo. Companies use this because these are easy to remember and show a significant impact. The” W” is the logo of Volkswagen and an example of a letter mark. 

A wordmark is a logotype where the company’s complete name is used in a stylish way/companies like Cocacola and many other companies use wordmark for their logo. Many graphic design training in Delhi or else provide separate training to master these types of concepts. 


So, there are just a few confusing concepts that every newbie in graphic design misunderstood these essential terminologies. So, to master these concepts, you can take a course from a graphic design institute or learn by yourself by working on several practice projects.

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